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modifier supprimer 37136 - de Sebatien , 10 ans (USA) - 2020-01-01
Chercheur scientifique : "I want to be periodic element scientist when I grow up"

I would like to be a scientist about elements and maybe find one too.
But that is not very likely. If anyone shares my interests or want to give me advice or
want to get in touch with me, then you can contact me. I

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modifier supprimer 38794 - Réponse de Anmol (IND) - 2020-11-26

Heyy ! That, my dude is a chemist and there are different branches of chemistry you can pursue to become one. Some of them are - organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science etc. Study hard and you are gonna get there one way or the other but you have to be consistent with your studies and try not to skip too many days.

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modifier supprimer 38720 - Réponse de Loujain , 10 ans (UAE) - 2020-11-23

Thats a great idea
Soon you will be a great ellement scientist,hope you you are doing your best to be a great scientist one day

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modifier supprimer 37137 - Réponse de Nicolas (FRA) - 2020-01-01

Great idea, Sébastien. So if you want to explore the microcosm and try to understand what's happening in this strange world, you will have to look for information about quantum physics.

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