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modifier supprimer 36608 - de Nattcha , 22 ans (THA) - 2019-05-10
Chercheur scientifique : "I want to make a friend in my field"

Hi .. My name is Nattcha I studying Biology and I am interested in Marine ecology and want to make a friend in my field or share the experience together. sent me an email. thanks

36608 -
modifier supprimer 36679 - Réponse de angie , 20 ans (AUT) - 2019-06-09

Hello. I`m international student. Now I`m studying in Leeds City College, in United Kingdom. I`m learning for Bachelor of Health and I`m interested in the same theme as you. In our university we have cool ecology program, I really love it. You can find my university on Free-Apply, if you want. What about your study place?

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