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modifier supprimer 35877 - de hasith , 13 ans (SRI) - 2018-08-08
Informaticien : "Team up with me"

About me

Hey ,I am from Sri Lanka . i love to create things . And i am very interested in computer science

what's mean by team up

I would like to join with others to learn 3d modeling , programming , game development , web designing and discuss things, find new thing , do some project and be friends

So if you like join with me

How to contact me

you can contact me using this things

+ email =

Or put reply below with your email address ( or any other contact information )
please note what you are good at in the email or reply that you send to me

Things I know

+ I have learned html and css ( not very well )
+ I am learning 3d modeling . ( i am just a beginner ) I am use blender
+ I have leaned basics of java programming
+ I have a knowledge about computer hardware
+ And i have done little bit of game development using fps creator and unity
+ I have learned basics of video editing

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modifier supprimer 40104 - Réponse de Jason , 12 ans (CHN) - 2021-11-14

I want to join your club.My name is Jason.I am a Chinese.I like coding.I'll be basic Java,PHP,C and html.
You can write to,or another:
Look forward to hearing from you.

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modifier supprimer 36610 - Réponse de Ashlynn , 13 ans (USA) - 2019-05-10

I'll team up with you if you would like. I want to go to an academy for programming. I know HTML and CSS basics. I am also learning JavaScript. I use Visual Studio Code and am currently creating a website for a friend's business.

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modifier supprimer 36090 - Réponse de Rafia , 12 ans (BNG) - 2018-10-08

Hello!I am Rafia from Bangladesh.I want to be a computer scientist and a ideal job is scientist.because I love science!!!!!!😘

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