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modifier supprimer 35169 - de saf , 19 ans (IND) - 2018-01-01
Chercheur scientifique : "I love Genetics"

I really like genetics and was hoping if someone else does too. I want to get into research in genetics and I want to know what scope there is for me.

I can also just talk with anyone who has an interest in science, or shares my interests!

35169 -
modifier supprimer 36345 - Réponse de Najma , 16 ans (IDN) - 2019-01-10

I saw your info which is telling me that you love genetics. actually I really dizzy with those kind of material! It's hard to make a difference between how many chromosomes does disjunction after first meiosis, or ever the second one. really make me dizzy if you can't imagine it. Tell me, which kind of genetics you used to like? which side of genetics did you like? Wanna see your answer fast.
if you want to answer, just let me know at my email address:

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