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modifier supprimer 32749 - de Allen , 10 ans (USA) - 2016-09-12
Informaticien : "Computer science, What to learn?"

Hi, I'm in the 5 grade. I want to be a scientist on computers. I been looking
at stuff i need to learn to make a web page that saves infermation. I know their is linux,
windows too and MAC is the OS and they all do the same thing. but why is there so much other stuff to learn just to make a database and webpage like PHP, APC HTML AJAX, DJINGO, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, Ruby, perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MediaWiki, Drupal, css, and more and more so much I cant write it all down just to make a webpage. I ask my dad he does not know cause he works on cars. My teacher said I should do a report. So my question is Why are there so many different things that all do the same thing?

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modifier supprimer 34571 - Réponse de Gabriel , 12 ans (COL) - 2017-08-07

If you want to learn Python, I found this website:
I learned a lot from it.

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modifier supprimer 34259 - Réponse de hayley , 9 ans (USA) - 2017-06-02


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modifier supprimer 34163 - Réponse de Ermias (SUI) - 2017-05-17

Hello Allen,
I hope you continued your path to become a Computer Scientist. It is a great field and I am sure you can make a good one.
The different programming tools are like languages: there are many of them and most of them do the same thing.
It's best to just pick one language and learn it. All of the others will have similar concepts.
You should learn HTML (very easy) and CSS. They are the structures of a webpage and then you can add your one language of specialty. I like JavaScript.
Good Luck

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