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modifier supprimer 32236 - de Nolwenn (FRA) - 2016-05-28
Chercheur scientifique : "Looking for a foreign friend"

I'm looking for someone I can chat a lot with and around my age in order to improve my English and learn about new cultures.

I'm intersested in sciences (physics & maths), so maybe shall we start the conversation with those topics (even if I don't know a lot about them: I'm just currently studying it at secondary school), although I'm open-minded and can talk about everything!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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modifier supprimer 36696 - Réponse de Aadil , 15 ans (USA) - 2019-06-19

Would love to chat, email me

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modifier supprimer 35535 - Réponse de Shannon (ECU) - 2018-04-07

Hello! I would love to practice French with you and help you practice English as well. I'm really into sciences as well. Mainly Mathematics and Physics (I really want to be a theoretical physicist). I'd love to chat send me a message!

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modifier supprimer 32751 - Réponse de Anna , 16 ans (GBR) - 2016-09-12

Hey, I'd love to help you out with your English, in return for helping me with some French. And like you, I love Maths and Science (Biology and Chemistry, although.). :) We'd probably share quite a bit in common. :)

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modifier supprimer 32734 - Réponse de Isaac , 16 ans (USA) - 2016-09-09

I am a foreign and can be a friend.

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modifier supprimer 32310 - Réponse de Salim , 18 ans (MAR) - 2016-06-13

I wanna the same..
If you are interested message me.

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