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modifier supprimer 31363 - de Avalon , 8 ans (USA) - 2016-01-08
Explorateur : "I love traveling soon much!!"

I love traveling! One time me and my mom went on 2 month camping trip (i'm not kidding)!!! We drove around in our car and we started our trip in Oklahoma (state), and we went to Wyoming, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii!!!!
(We flew on a plane to Hawaii and Alaska, of course!)

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modifier supprimer 31796 - Réponse de Kate , 12 ans (GRE) - 2016-03-16

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?! I need to go to another country! I've already explored both my mom's and dad's home villages!!! I NEED TO FIND SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY EXPLORER'S LIFE!!!!!

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