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modifier supprimer 28946 - de Sally , 18 ans (CHN) - 2015-07-22
Explorateur : "student from China"

Hi !I am Sally from China.I am very interested in different cultures and countries .So l want to make friends all over the world to help me learn cultures and English as well .If you want ,please feel free to email me!!!

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modifier supprimer 35456 - Réponse de Leslie , 23 ans (FRA) - 2018-03-05

Hi, i'm from France (Metz) ! I traveled to China in 2012 (Chengdu, Beijing) with my school and my chinese teacher (at this time I studied mandarin)
What a wonderful country ! I really hope to come back ! I would really love to chat with you :D

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modifier supprimer 30628 - Réponse de mpumr , 25 ans (TZA) - 2015-08-23

hello! wants to be your friend!

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