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modifier supprimer 28852 - de kwasimuna , 28 ans (GHA) - 2015-07-02
Politicien : "thinking of full unity"

Hi i know this will sound crazy yes but we have to dream and dream big. Can we talk about uniting all the scandinavian countrys with west africa, since our leaders have failed us. lets start with my country GHANA and NORWAY, im talking about full unity which is the short cut to all this our day to day problems, like immigration, developments, aid, ect ect. but lets hold on just over here. This is the question lets talk about it and see were we will get to.
kwasi muna

28852 -
modifier supprimer 34084 - Réponse de Densi (CAN) - 2017-05-10

How can you do full unity of countries on different continents.
The logical step will be start within West Africa first

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