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modifier supprimer 26775 - de Soyoung , 17 ans (KOR) - 2014-07-29
Politicien : "hi"

At first I wanted to be a politician in the future because there were so many people who were in the dark side of the government operation. I wanted to help them. Also, I wanted to change our country's political depravation. What I think is important in being a good politician is knowing about our own history and being able to speak foreign languages. History is important in order not to make same mistakes as the past and to know about our nation. Learning foreign language is also important I guess. That's because if there is something terrible happening in a country-for example, dictatorship- we should be able to speak outloud and knowing their language will help them understand better.
I'd love to share my thoughts with you! Mail me!

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modifier supprimer 26840 - Réponse de rahul , 22 ans (IND) - 2014-08-07

hello dear friend how are you? iam rahul from india. i am new here and i like to be your friend . i am interested to be your friend . please reply me at my e-mail address
take care

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