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modifier supprimer 26747 - de laura , 20 ans (ESP) - 2014-07-24
Chercheur scientifique : "I like science in general!"

Hi there, I'm college studying industrial engineering. I would love to have friends around my age from all over the world interested in science and discovering and improving this amazing world we live in any way (medicine, biology, geology, engineering... I love history and politics too!). I don't know what I want to be in the future yet, you do? which is your dream?
Feel free to email me! :)

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modifier supprimer 30706 - Réponse de Ihab (ALG) - 2015-09-06

Hello Laura,
I hope you are fine, so i am a scientist researcher in Physics field and i like all domains of research, i like to exchange and share our knowledge and to collaborate if you want!
feel free to contact me !

Cordially !

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modifier supprimer 27445 - Réponse de madu , 19 ans (SRI) - 2014-11-26

I like to talk with you about science mostly I like chemistry and biology.I'm interested in astrobiology and astrochemistry.However I want to be a scientist.Hope to talk with you..I also like well as psychology and music..I thing every subjects are tied like chain's nodule.Finally we learn about ourselves and environment.

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