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modifier supprimer 26234 - de Yong-min , 20 ans (KOR) - 2014-04-26
Chercheur scientifique : "biologist~"

Hello world! :)
My name yong min KIM from south korea,
I'm in attandance at university of seoul in south korea.
My dream is to be a biologist to study stem cell, for the increasing people of aging.
I hope anyone who have interests to me come to korea, seoul.
I will take you sightseeing, eat many many of delicious food in korea.
plz, contact to me if you have same dream or interest about biology.
I wish you all have a wonderful holiday~

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modifier supprimer 31427 - Réponse de Tiara , 15 ans (USA) - 2016-01-19

I love biology! Despite my age, I am currently trying to study more about the disease "Duchenne Dystrophy Syndrome". It's a shame that I'm still in high school though... I'm even studying the Korean language! What a downer.

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modifier supprimer 31302 - Réponse de iretomiwa , 20 ans (NIG) - 2015-12-26

i am studying cell biology and genetics from the university of lagos,Nigeria. love all about cell,but i will love to learn more about environmental science anyone knows how environment affects the gene?

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modifier supprimer 27350 - Réponse de wills , 26 ans (CIV) - 2014-11-05

hi i'm wills i'd like to exchange with you about medical science. i'm student in medecine

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modifier supprimer 26823 - Réponse de Sinta , 22 ans (IDN) - 2014-08-04

Hiiiiii, I am biologist, too and i have just graduated from university of indonesia. I am interested in conservation biology and stem cell. Let's be friend. Nice to know you :)

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