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modifier supprimer 25391 - de Seo , 17 ans (KOR) - 2013-12-10
Politicien : "Political Economy"

Hello. I'm Seo Yeo Kyeong from South Korea who want to be a WTO secretary-general. I love politics and world economy so I'm going to major in Political Economy in UC Berkeley. I love reading books and newspaper about these subjects. To be a Politician, one should learn many things and get away from narrowed-mind. And also one should be very interested in world's international issues like war,environment problems and poverty and international relations. If you are also interested in these subjects, please contact me! We may be able to share lots of thoughts and be good friends :D

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modifier supprimer 30956 - Réponse de Alex , 17 ans (FRA) - 2015-10-27

Hi, I'm also interested in these subjects. I'm wondering about what would happend in the next century, how the wolrd would react to the current problems. I considere that having the point of view of someone coming from a non-european country would be particularly interesting to improve my comprehension of the Wolrd. In fact I don't know so much about asia and it would be a pleasure to talk about geopolotical and geoeconomical situation there, and I can also explain to you what's the situation in Europe! Otherwise, I'm going to take part to an International Conference in France about climate so let's contact me! :)

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