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modifier supprimer 22180 - de lei kaige , 16 ans (CHN) - 2013-10-02
Chercheur scientifique : "科学是美丽的"

Hello everyone
My name Leikai song from China Hubei,
Everyone is talking about his own hobby work right, it is very interesting.
Although I was a science student, but I also like history.
My dream is to be a biologist to study the virus, for the benefit of the people.
I hope you come to China, Hubei, I will take you to Wudang Mountain, as well as foreign friends like Qu Yuan, and you can also go Zigui, here is his hometown.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday

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modifier supprimer 30984 - R閜onse de, 16 ans (CHN) - 2015-11-01

Dear friend:
I am glad to hear you ,I am a enthusiastic student ,and I am in my second year in semior
high school ,I'm interested penpalling and writing letters,too。But I am different from you in major subjects,i study English and geography。Maybe we have some else interests 。let 亅make friends。hope receive your reply soon
Yours sincerely

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modifier supprimer 25850 - R閜onse de toner (TUR) - 2014-02-15

Hi , firstly you thinking very good.
I hope,You can reach your dreams...

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modifier supprimer 25661 - R閜onse de Rashid , 17 ans (GHA) - 2014-01-17

nice meeting you here my friend in china, well i am very interested in your research but mine is under Animal health about Dog virus, prevention and control measures on our physical environment..i think we can form a group of people to organize a workshop seminar on it.. ok

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modifier supprimer 25300 - R閜onse de Narmada , 17 ans (SRI) - 2013-11-26

Hey, I'm also a Science student and learning Biology,Chemistry and Physics. I'm interesting penpalling. Writing letters and share cards + gifts. I'm interested in different cultures, countries and history. I love to be your penpal. Here my address, we can meet each other one day.. My country is an Island which is full of sunshine and natural beauty. Hope to hear you soon.

Narmada Perera
Anicut Rd
Sri Lanka

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