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modifier supprimer 20468 - de Habeeb , 12 ans (GBR) - 2013-02-16
Politicien : "Would a less money-driven society work?"

As far back in the history of humanity one can go, money, or rather 'value' has existed in some way. This would probably answer the question 'would a less money-driven society work?'
But I believe that in the future, we should have a less money-driven society, one where all the governments can work towards the betterment of humanity. Want examples?
Talks of (and plans of) exploring space can't be taken further because of an obstacle - money!
Improving conditions in less privileged areas of the world? We can't - not enough money.
Keep peace? No money.
LOSING money? Can't stop it - no damn money!
I mean, not a communist dictatorship, like in China, and not anarchy - definitely not - but could economy play less of a part in the world - for example, Apple could still make those fancy expensive iPhones, but like stated above, could building a spaceship take less money, or better, no money at all? And there come the complications - how would this impact the economy?

What are your views?

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modifier supprimer 26210 - Réponse de Habeeb (GBR) - 2014-04-23

Horribly late to reply, but what I am saying is that the impact to scientific, and subsequently technological advances by bypassing the need for funds would be huge - would that be plausible in the modern capitalist world on the other hand? Nope.

What we "need" is basic supplies to live, not money... what you're envisaging is a world where all the fiat currencies suddenly disappeared from the world and society crumbled. Er, no. Hyperdeflation would occur, but it wouldn't take long for huge wads of notes to be printed and piles of coins to be minted.

It could work... but it wouldn't get past the drawing board.

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modifier supprimer 22529 - Réponse de Elizabeth , 11 ans (GBR) - 2013-11-17

I'm sorry, I don't really understand. I get that funding is big problem, but how would society work? Are you suggesting that the government be allowed a 'pass' on money for big projects? Because if you are, I don't really think it would work.

First of all, we really do need money. Where would the money to pay the workers come from? Are you suggesting that we work with volunteers? If so, who would pay for the advertising and housing/food/tools? If politicians could just demand things, corruption would take over and the state would dissolve into anarchy.

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