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modifier supprimer 19448 - de Song , 21 ans (CHN) - 2012-11-13
Politicien : "My dream is dead"

I loved this land so deeply. Until I realized the govt treated me, my family, and its fellowmen in very awful and unfair ways. I am a victim of true governmental corruption and distortion, and I never felt safe due to the profoundly shortage of rules of laws here. I was so promising, so patriotic, yet the unfairness took away my opportunity of future,and the happiness I should have enjoyed in the previous years.Could I ever make even a slight difference and my voice heard? I would be jailed by that. Yuck. I feel like I was brutally raped by the evil rulers, who took away my little pure emotional virginity. I don't know what the future will be like. But the scars left on my heart are far from healed. Please be nice to me.

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modifier supprimer 31820 - Réponse de Néomy , 15 ans (FRA) - 2016-03-19

Hey ! You're a great and brave Man. I hope you will change your life. I'm sorry for my innoncence, I don't know so how the politic is in China, I just know it's a dictatorship. I think your freedom, most important thing in life, is abroad. Try to leave China and come with us. You're welcome in France. It's so sad there's still dictatorship in the 21 century. Enventually I hope you will be heard, you're a revolutionary, you can change things and this message that you had posted is a good beginning. Wish you bravery.

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modifier supprimer 26238 - Réponse de Tom , 12 ans (GBR) - 2014-04-26

I wouldn't recommend any of what she said if you want to make it through alive - I doubt "disappearing" is incredibly uncommon over there...

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modifier supprimer 22531 - Réponse de Elizabeth , 11 ans (GBR) - 2013-11-17

I like china as a country, but I agree that the corruption is beyond horrible. What exactly are your circumstances? It might be possible to claim asylum from a corrupt country that has endangered your freedom if it's really bad, but I recommend thinking it through. The political shit-storm would put you straight into the spotlight, and you would need to be prepared.

I think that doing that doing that would give you a voice and the ability to change things.

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