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modifier supprimer 19067 - de Ghizlane , 17 ans (MAR) - 2012-10-15
Politicien : "hellooo !! :)"

Hello everyone.
I'm Moroccan and I love politics, i have the intention to study it when I graduate !! And I wanna be a politician when I grow up because I wanna help people, I wanna help developing my country, and i see that it's the only way to do that , I'd also love to stop the wars and just make peace in the whole world, I know some people may say that I can't make all that and my hopes are just silly dreams but if we just work together and trust and help our each other we can make a change, we can make the world a better place. If anyone agrees with me you can email me, sorry if that was too long.

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modifier supprimer 22532 - Réponse de Elizabeth , 11 ans (GBR) - 2013-11-17

I agree! I think that the only way to make a significant change in the world is to make a network between all the countries(one that actually talks and cares, instead of just exchanging diplomatic pleasantries) and ways to ensure corruption is stopped at the first hurdle. What are your political views? What do you think of Keynesian Economy ? Because I think that Britain is taking it too far.

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