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modifier supprimer 19004 - de Lim , 16 ans (KOR) - 2012-10-10
Politicien : "Who will be Korean President?"

I know you interest in the election for the President of USA. But we have an election for the President of Korea. I just introduce simple profile of 3 bigs. Please say about them.

1. Park Genhye(female)
*Saenuri Party(ruling party, conservative)
*she was a leader of saenuri party.
*her father is Park Junghee, Korean 5,6,7,8,9 President.
*her nickname is The Queen of Election(for example, when she led the party, the party got the greater part)

2. Moon Jae-in(male, progressive)
*Democratic United Party(strong opposition)
*he was presidental aide, Noh Moohyeon, Korean 16 President.
*he debut the political world in this year.
*his nickname is friend of Noh.

3. Ahn Cheol-Su(male, progressive)
*No party(indipendent)
*he was a CEO of Korean IT company, Ahn Lab.
*he debut the political world in this year.
*he become a center of public attention about new.

PS. In recently chart, for three, Park>Ahn>Moon
for two, Ahn>Park

19004 -
modifier supprimer 26131 - Réponse de Raphaël , 10 ans (CAN) - 2014-04-13

The best for me is Moo Jae-in because I am progressist and socialist.

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