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modifier supprimer 12462 - de radouane , 31 ans (ALG) - 2011-10-07
Electricien : "hello friends"

Hallo everyone!My name is DIAF RADOUANE,men,single and I´m a 31-year-old university from algeria.,speciality electronic ,ingenner,work in society of water and sanitation in el kala near tunisia ,my uncle ALI BOUACHA ABD MADJID write books of litterature in paris ,his books in all over world , That´s why I wanna get in contact with English talking or rather writing people in order to practise my gained language skills.My appearance might be the average (for girls)? . Furthermore I love to relax, read a good book and just sleep, but I usually can't, because I'm always on my way. Likewisely I'm pretty out-going and like to meet new people, that's why you never can see me resting. In my spare time I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming and going for a walk. Besides I like to listen to music and making it on my own (vocal and with instruments). I´m looking for penpals from allover the world! It´s all the same to me how old you are, your nationality, etc.. I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon. I´ll try to answer as soon as possible.radouane

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modifier supprimer 20513 - Réponse de Brice (USA) - 2013-02-21

I called you Davendra sorry I don't think that was the right name. I apologize for that. However do feel free to contact me.

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modifier supprimer 20512 - Réponse de Brice , 27 ans (USA) - 2013-02-21

Hello, Davendra
I am an electrician in the United States. I also do air conditioning, plumbing, and heating. I am a big fan of music. I do a little rapping (hip-hop) my self. I am always busy as well. I have twin boys 3 years old and a lovely lady with a voice so beautiful she could sing on the beach and bless the ocean. I enjoy reading writing and filling my head with as much information as I can. I like metal detecting with my boys ( relic/treasure hunting). I am also interested in getting in touch with some people world wide to expand my knowledge. I became an electrician when I was 15 years old when I turned 19 I got licensed/certified. Anything you would like to know please email me and ask. Do you have a family or kids? Do you like fishing? I would like to stay in touch.

What books has your uncle published if you don't mind me asking. I would like to read one.

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