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modifier supprimer 6180 - de Iresha , 16 ans (SRI) - 2011-01-29
Vache : "The cow helps us"

The cow is a very important animal for us. She gives milk for us. I can drink milk every morning because our cow. I love to our cow.

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modifier supprimer 6196 - Réponse de Iresha (SRI) - 2011-01-31

Thank for your reply.
The cow which I said is not mine, but she is my uncle's. That cow lives in my grandmother's home. Then, every morning I get fresh milk from their house. some time, I go to our grandmother's home to drink milk.

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modifier supprimer 6184 - Réponse de Bailey , 15 ans (USA) - 2011-01-30

I`ve never owned a cow but I really like them and I like to drink milk, too.

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