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modifier supprimer 5289 - de Asha , 10 ans (IRL) - 2010-10-08
Vache : "Moooooooo want to be my penpal?"

Hi cow lovers.
Can any of you become my pen pal. I think cows rock. They're soooooo
cute. So mooooooo want to be my pen pal?

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modifier supprimer 10224 - Réponse de Cara (USA) - 2012-05-19

Hey I loveeeee cows tooo

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modifier supprimer 7606 - Réponse de Sydney , 10 ans (ALA) - 2011-07-08

hi i love cows i wood love to be your penpal! put in this Sydney than you will see a pirson with a wolf facethe name is Tropical my fav animal is Monkey.i live in massachusets

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modifier supprimer 7528 - Réponse de Wangmin , 15 ans (CHN) - 2011-06-28

I'd like to make friend with you!

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modifier supprimer 5941 - Réponse de Sarah(: , 13 ans (USA) - 2010-12-24

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE cows!!! I can rarley find anyone else who likes them as much as me!!
Haha(: They are amazing in every wayyy! (NOT FOOD WISE!!!!)
I'm actually a vegetarian! Get to know me!

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modifier supprimer 5876 - Réponse de Jysh (IND) - 2010-12-14

You are true COW does rock this world.
There is this cow called "KAMDHENU" in Himalayas
all other cows have come to this world through this cow.
One of the Most popular Myth in India is that all the gods when they wish to come to this world in present days they take the shape of Cow.

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