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modifier supprimer 4387 - de morgan , 10 ans (USA) - 2010-06-23
Vache : "hi i am Morgan i am 10 years old and i would like to have a penpal!!!!"

hi i am Morgan i would love to have a penpal 9-13 years of age girl or boys my favorite animal is a cow because i have a ranch and love yo go yo cow octions

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modifier supprimer 26850 - Réponse de Grace , 9 ans (USA) - 2014-05-29

Hi Morgan,

My name is Garce and I live in Humboldt Co in California
cows are everywhere. Most are grazing on grass in open fields I want to have my own cow someday

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modifier supprimer 5288 - Réponse de Asha , 10 ans (IRL) - 2010-10-08

Hi there Morgan.
I've been looking for a girl my age.
I adore cows. But there's this really funny story my dad told me.

Once he was sleeping OUTSIDE and he heard a noise. It sounded like wolves and of course it was. He went out to find the cows mooing like mad. As I'm sure you know cows pee when they get scared. Well my dad went into the barn only to find that there was a cow in front of him. And the cow splashed pee all over my Dad!

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