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modifier supprimer 35210 - de alista , 17 ans (IDN) - 2021-09-12
Poisson : "I like fish so much"

Hello friends, how are you? I just want to tell that I have a lot of fish, they are 5 molly fish, 3 betta fish and 2 redfin. If you like fish, what kind of fish do you like?

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modifier supprimer 35427 - Réponse de Pramuditha (SRI) - 2022-04-10

hi. It's good to know that you are also into fish keeping hobby. I also indulge in aqua scaping- a far more complex and advanced type of fish keeping- and I one day wanna be like Takashi Amano. Anyways, I currently have a large school of neons and a few penguin tetras, along with four bronze Cory cats. However, I'm hoping to add a pair of German blue ram, to my planted tank. Thank you.

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