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modifier supprimer 12163 - de Shae , 12 ans (CAN) - 2013-01-17
Poisson : "Betta fish"

I own five betta fish that I breed and love. They live in heated five gals so they are well cared for. I will be starting a sorority tank soon and can'T wait!

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modifier supprimer 32270 - Réponse de Kwon , 14 ans (KOR) - 2017-04-14

Hello, I love Beta fist, too!
They are so beautiful and fancy.
I have one!

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modifier supprimer 12921 - Réponse de Danushka , 11 ans (SRI) - 2013-05-03

i too love betta fish like you . so i have bought 5 betta fish . they are very nice and my one female lot of time glows itself. i too love betta fish thats why i rescued five bettas which were kept in jam bottles. which is common in srilanka. and when i went to the shop it had been three days since they were brought and still kept in hunger. i went to a buy some swordtails but when i saw them i felt very sad and i brought one in the first day. that is my first betta fish. his kind was betta renata. and he was very handsome looking male veil tail betta fish red in colour. and when i bought him home and put him in his new home he was happy and when i started feeding him he ate all the food like he has not eaten for a week. and after that day i collected another 400 bugs which was given to me to eat from the canteen and i saved another four betta fish and now they all stay very happily near me. i have two male bettas and three female betta fish

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