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modifier supprimer 11088 - de Elisa (USA) - 2012-09-13
Cerf, Biche, Chevreuil : "Hunting"

Do ya'll hunt? We really enjoy huntin and fishin in the South. We hunt squirrells and deer. A lot of people hunt around here. Its very popular. Even trappin is popular!

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modifier supprimer 31181 - Réponse de Lily (GBR) - 2016-04-15

Well I think hunting poor defenceless creatures is purely cruel. How would you like it if one of them creatures just came and shot you with a gun? Huh? Huh? Any answers?

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modifier supprimer 13779 - Réponse de dyln , 13 ans (USA) - 2013-10-10

yes i love to do all that stuff and i really like to hunt!!!!

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modifier supprimer 13154 - Réponse de Leila , 11 ans (USA) - 2013-06-04

As soon as it gets to be hunting season, I'm gonna go hunt some deer. I'm a little ticked at the deer around here because the other day we had a 4 point buck charge our fence, and the horses almost got out. (Yes, I'm a girl.) :0)

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