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Where do you live ?
16   West Europe
2   East Europe
2   Africa
  West Asia
9   East Asia
26   North America
  Central America
  South America
1   Oceania
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Why are you on this website?

2   I'm required to participate as part of a class
15   I think its a lot of fun!
2   I was bored and this popped up on the search engine
3   Why do you care?
34   To meet someone from another country
0   To play the games

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Would you recommend this site to a friend?

51   Yes
5   No

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What grade level are you currently at?

2   Elementary (K-5th grade)
23   Middle (6th- 8th grade)
18   High School (9th-12th grade)
11   College and beyond
2   I am an educator

Author : Nicole (United States)

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