Blaringly obvious issues that both US political parties fail to grasp

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Republicans want to lower taxes for the rich, which doesn't make sense because the middle class and poor need the money more! However, the Democrats want higher taxes for the rich, which isn't fair and doesn't make sense, as the rich stimulate the economy

17   I agree! They're both wrong! Taxes should be totally equal for everyone.
2   I agree with Republicans
8   I agree with Democrats

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The US tortures prisoners suspected of terrorism to get information out of them. Both parties have let this go one, but I'm opposed to it. Even if these people have done terrible things, they are people and shouldn't be subjected to such horrible things.

19   I agree, torture's not okay! Also, many 'terrorists' are just poor villagers who have been brainwashed by religious extremists. They're not evil, but should be punished (humanely!)
7   Torture's sometimes necessary.
1   Who cares? They're terrorists!

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Neither major party in the US has stated that gay marriage needs to be legal. Do they not realize that gays are born that way and deserve to marry who they're naturally attracted to? They need to get with the program!

23   I agree! Do they really think so many people would be gay if it was just 'experimentation'? Gays also need to be protected from hate crimes, which no one seems to realize.
4   I don't believe in gay rights.

Author : Fufu (United States)

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