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Where do you live ?
19   West Europe
3   East Europe
2   Africa
2   West Asia
6   East Asia
13   North America
  Central America
1   South America
2   Oceania
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Question 1   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you belive what the Israeli goverment is doing is right

8   Yes
29   No
0   Why should i care
11   I only want peace i am not taking sides

Question 2   -   please select 1 answer only
When do you think this conflict will end?

8   When Hamas admit defeat
12   When the UN cut off all supplies to Israel and go in and force the Israel army out
0   When every child and 'civilian' has died
9   A long time In the future....Israel may pull out now but some day they will return
0   One day when Gaza and The West bank is once again Israel
18   I don't know.....

Question 3   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you belive that Hamas is a terrorist group?

24   Yes
0   Yes because George Bush said so
1   Maybe
17   No they are a peaceful political party
6   I don't know i'd like to think no...

Question 4   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you think The Israeli/Gaza conflict is simalar to The Yugoslavia conflict?

2   Yes
21   No far from it
2   Yeah never though of it till now but yeah
8   Similar but no quite
14   What?

Question 5   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
Over 1 thousand children have died since the beggining of the conflict over a decade ago how many other lives do you think will be lost?

25   I don't want to think about it
2   300+
15   1000 more
0   under 100
8   500+

Question 6   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
Have you been into Gaza ever? Is so what was it like

1   Yes i live there
1   Yes i lived there
1   Yes i've been there
12   No and i don't want to
11   No but i wouldn't mind going
24   No but i want to go help the people there
0   It was so fun you wouldn't belive they were at war
2   It was scary there was blood everywhere, you can hear rockets and the screams
1   There was rubble but people were rebuilding their lives

Question 7   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
Are you girl or boy and how old are you

0   0-8
37   9-18
9   19-30
1   31-41
0   42-50
0   50-60
0   60+
17   Girl
20   Boy

Question 8   -   please select 1 answer only
What are you final thoughts on Gaza/Israel

13   Peace will time
31   I'd like to think peace will come soon but i'm not certain
1   What the big deal about Gaza plenty of other wars are happing other people are dying too
3   I don't know

Author : Tali (Viet Nam)

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