What is your opinion on your school food?

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Where do you live ?
13   West Europe
1   East Europe
1   Africa
1   West Asia
1   East Asia
28   North America
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4   Oceania
1   other
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Question 1   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
Which do you prefer? (For school lunch time)

25   Pizza with stuffed crust
14   Hamburger and hot dogs
0   Mystery Meat
8   Something new
29   Smoothies and ice cream
9   Breakfest for lunch
13   Turkey and Gravy w/ madhed potatoes
7   None of the above!

Question 2   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
What is the policy for thwoing away food?

4   Raise your hand and ask if you can go throw it away
35   Just get up and go
0   Ask if you can go, but instead you go hang with friends!
0   Go ask your friends not a teacher
0   Beg and pay them your extra cash to go dump
3   My school doesn't sell food, we pack
4   I pack and we throw it freely
7   None of the above

Question 3   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you follow the rules in the cafeteria....(Answer is always YES!)

18   YES!
21   yeah kinda
3   no
2   NO!
6   who cares what you think random person!

Author : Shelby (United States)

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