How Are You Going Green

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Where do you live ?
12   West Europe
3   East Europe
4   Africa
3   West Asia
11   East Asia
30   North America
1   Central America
1   South America
1   Oceania
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What are you doing to help the planet?

13   Walk or ride your bike to places
34   Recycle
38   Turns of Lights or TVs
22   Unplug lectronics when leaving the room
14   Saying No to green house gasses
20   Not using, or reusing plastic bags
14   All of the above
12   Other
4   Non of the above! Who cares about Mother Earth!

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Whats your favorite Animals that your helping by going Green?

0   Beluga
4   Dolphins
0   Sharks
1   Gorilla
1   Blue Whale
4   Polar Bear
1   Seal
1   Otter
0   Bottlenose Dolphin
0   River Dolphin
1   Salmon
0   Bald Eagles
3   Other Animal
3   Every Animals Listed here!
42   Every Animals in the world! Its better to protect out whole world!
3   Animals? Come on! Thats not going to help save us!

Question 3   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
What is your reason for going green?

2   Ice Caps or melting leaving no room for Polar Bears
9   I dont want Mother Earth to Die
7   Man Kind did this we have to fix it
5   I Dont know exactley why! There are so many reasons!
35   all above
6   Go Green? No Thanks!

Question 4   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Did You find this Survey indresting?

32   Yes
3   Totally!
6   Totally! Saving Mother Earth Us more emportant that Cars!
9   All of the Above!
9   Everything that involves saving Mother Earth!
6   What? I fell asleep after i herd Mother Earth!

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