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Welcome to my blog for Degrassi Season 10+. I love Degrassi,its story lines and its characters. Lots of people watch Degrassi and I am one of them. I watch it every Friday when it's on TeenNick(USA). It has love stories,friendships,and for their season 10 finale part 2,Eli almost got stabbed by Fitz. I personally loved the ending and the music they played in the background for that scene. The song is called Hotblack by Oceanship. You can watch episodes of Degrassi at I watched all the episodes from season 10+ on there. I loved every single moment of all the episodes that I have watched. Sometimes they will surprise you though,so don't think that you're going to know what happens next.
Lets talk about some of the Degrassi couples. There was Eli and Clare,Holly J and Declan,Holly J and Sav,Sav and Anya,Alli and Drew,and Adam and Fiona. My personal favorite out of these mentioned is Eli and Clare. I think that they are perfect for each other. My least favorite was Sav and Anya. A lot of us like Eli and Clare together. Some also say that they are the cutest couple on Degrassi ever. Which couple is you fave and which is your least fave?

Munro Chambers(Eli Goldsworthy)

Aislinn Paul(Clare Edwards)

Jordan Todosey(Adam Torres)

EClare(Clare and Eli)

James Edward Campbell(Fitz;the guy who also almost stabbed Eli)

Jajube Mandiela(Chantay Black)

Charlotte Arnold(Holly J. Sinclair)

Landon Liboiron(Declan Coyne)

Annie Clark(Fiona Coyne)

Raymond Ablack(Sav Bhandari)

Samantha Munro(Anya MacPherson)

Luke Bilyk(Drew Torres)

Melinda Shankar(All Bhandari)

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