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Please, can you take a few minutes to answer these questions ?
1 question = 1 answer only

How old are you ?
1   0-10
11   11-13
4   14-16
0   17-19
1   20-24
0   25-29
0   30-49
1   50+

Where do you come from ?
2   West Europe
0   East Europe
0   West Asia
1   East Asia
0   Africa
6   North America
0   Central America
0   South America
1   Oceania
4   the planet Mars

How did you get to this blog ?
1   Through a search engine (Google, Yahoo...)
4   Through StudentsoftheWorld.info
1   Linked here from another website
3   I'm a regular visitor
4   A friend told me about this blog
2   I got to this blog by chance

What is your opinion about the story ?
9   Excellent
3   Good
2   Average
0   Bad
2   Very bad

Any remark about this blog ?
9   Very interesting
1   Really boring
1   Very nice blog
0   This blog is really ugly
1   Needs more pictures
0   Too many pictures
0   Pictures are too small
0   Pictures are too large
0   Needs more text / comments
0   Too much text
0   Too many spelling mistakes
0   Text is too complicated
0   Text is unreadable (size, color...)
1   I don't agree with the blog content

What do you like to do?
1   Read--a lot
0   I sort of like to read, but not a lot
4   Writing is my passion!
0   I write a little story now and then
9   I like to read--a lot--and write--a lot
0   I kind of read sometimes and write a little
0   I like to watch tv and like...go on the internet

What is your opinion on pen-pals?
6   I've always wanted a penpal!
0   Yeah...I guess having a penpal is cool
3   I have an absolute passion for snail mailing!
0   I've always wanted a penpal to snail mail with
1   I prefere e-pals
2   I don't really know...but SOTW is cool

Would you like me to continue writing? If so, what about?
7   Yes! Please keep writing! I have no ideas for your stories.
3   Yes! Please keep writing! I have many ideas, which I will send to you!
2   Continue the penpal story! I want to see what happens next!
0   Start a new story!
0   Start a new story! I'll send you my ideas or put them in the forum.
1   I don't really care what you do...

What do you think of me offering advice?
0   Sure, go ahead.
0   Please don't.
0   Yes! I have questions I'd like to ask you!

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