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I am currently an extreme dog lover, academic tutor, life coach, and educator who has owned Miniature German Schnauzers for over 25 years and I have been teaching English as a Second Language for over 12 years at a local community college.


One day I woke up and my dog, Holly, was sitting there in front of me, just staring....that's all, she was just staring directly into my eyes. They spoke of taking off on an adventure and she wanted to go with me! We both decided it was time for a change, so I took early retirement from the college and, even though she was against me working, we opened up my own tutoring school, Ramirez Educational Services. I kept telling her that I am not in this business to get rich but to help others who can't afford the price of commercial tutoring businesses. She then asked why did I collect money then after each session? Well, someone has got to pay for your yummies, and toys, and day camp, and overnight hotel stays! My passion is playing with her, soon followed by teaching and guiding students to learn how to learn and be responsible for their own personal and academic growth.

I have two masters degrees, in vocational rehabilitation and the other is in bilingual education / TESOL. Holly keeps reminding me that I have a third masters degree, and that is in doggie happiness. My hobbies include playing hide 'n seek with Holly, triathlons, half marathons, swimming, hiking, camping, gardening (with Holly's help of course!), cooking, baking, hot yoga, scrapbooking and my latest project is working with the homeless by sharing my talents in the art of mosaic tiling. I volunteer at my church and two community nursing homes One of my personal goals is to own a small home on the beach...any long as it is warm and Holly can run forever!

Oh...Holly is reminding me about one of my most recent goals which is to help my top Chinese student, Qi Ming (Jerry) win a scholarship award by having the best essay on "How has your education empowered you?" He also was an ESL student who has been very dedicated and motivated in overcoming the challenges of learning English. Now, here he sits, ready to start college this September. He really needs to get at least 1000 votes by May 1 on his essay which is posted online. If you don't mind taking just one minute of your time to vote for his essay, that would be worth so much to him. Click on this link and after reading his essay, click on the Vote button: Education - Fuel for the Fire

I love helping my students reach their personal and academic goals and now I am encouraging other students around the world to always believe in yourself, take risks, and don't ever be afraid of asking questions or making a mistake. If we were all perfect (which Holly thinks I am but I have never told her otherwise!) and never needed the help of others, you wouldn't be in school and I wouldn't be teaching, and our paths would never have crossed. My goal is to get at least 1000 votes by connecting my tutoring students with students from China AND sharing super adorable pictures of Holly and her friends. My deadline is May 1, 2015. That's a lot of voting, but we can do it!

Enjoy your day, honor your elders, laugh with your friends, play with your pets, and carry this message with you every day: "There are always two sides to every coin. Choose the positive side every morning you wake up. Choose to take risks and explore. And above all, choose to do your personal best." Woof Woof!

Get Happy... Check out our furry little friends!

Below you will find a variety of websites whereby you can practice and develop many different skill areas.
If you have any further questions or need help, please do not hesitate to connect with me so I can help you! Enjoy!

1. Reading / writing SAS Curriculum Pathways
2. Vocabulary / Spelling Spelling City
3. Reading / Listening
4. Student Success Study Skills
5. Science, Math, Technology, Language Arts, Social Studies Assessment Tools

Each week I will add more websites to enhance your learning. In the third week, I will have my students begin working with you on a webquest project! Check in periodically so we don't lose touch and keep those questions coming!

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