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Good morning everyone!!!! I woke up super early and I have time to check up on my blog so that's why I am saying good morning. I do have school today but if you want to send me a letter I will be checking my mail at school.Also the school dance is this coming Thursday!! I am so excited and I am going with my friends but they're picking me up because I live far away from my school. And my friends they kept messaging me are you homed school, NO I AM NOT!!!! I go to a public school so that's why I am talking about stuff what's happening in my school. That's all for today BYE!!!!!!!
Whats up everyone!!! Guess what??? I have animal jam and movie star planet!!! Let me tell you my user so you can add me if you have them. My movie star planet user is kawaiiloveunicorns,and my animal jam is unicat108. I also have roblox but I don't play on it that much but if you want to add me my roblox user is kawaiiloveunicorns. I don't have minecraft or fortnite but I might get them soon. So guys I am also planning to do a interview every Saturday because the other 2 interviews I did was on a Saturday so I might have at least one friend over every Saturday so I can do a interview abut them. So umm yeah thats all for today, Bye!!!!!!
Hello everyone!! Today I am going to be telling you a few more things. I got some lol dolls!1 A lot of you don't like them but I don't care. IF you don't even know what they even are I will tell you. Lol dolls are a toy that are in a ball or something and you open layers. Each layer has a little surprise for your doll. The last layer has your doll and my doll was Spice. There is a lot of types of lol dolls like lol pets or lol lil sister or lol bath bomb,there is a lot. I got a new lol doll and it was spice in the glam series. I was collecting them before but I just didn't tell you because I didn't feel like it.So umm thats was all for today bye!!!!!
Hello Everyone I am back!! Guess what? I am doing my 2nd preview!! With drum rolls plz... Molly!!!! She is another one of my bff because Brooklyn is one of my bff and Molly is and Haylie is to. So I am doing the same like last time asking deep questions then when I come back I will tell you more about her,so lets begin!!! Ma.Bea:So Molly how do you feel being in my preview on my blog? Molly: I am super exctited also when you said you had a blog I was so confused because you are to young but I figured out you did it on this website. Ma.Bea: So Molly your first question is who is your crush? Molly: This boy name Bradley.Ma.Bea: Oh yeah I know him he is my ex and he is in my class.Ma.Bea: Anyway your next question is who is your bff? Molly: you Brooklyn and Haylie of course.Ma.Bea ok good, anyway your last question is who am I dating right now??? Molly: This boy in 5th grade named Jacob.Ma.Bea: Ok I was just making sure you were listening to me when I had a sleep over at your house. Ok guys that is all for today and yes I am dating when I am 10 years old I know I know I am wayy to young but I dont't care. Well bye!!!!!
Hey guys!!! Can't you believe its almost valentines day???!!! Ya I know its so weird. Anyway what are you doing for valentines day?? I am going to my class and exchanging valentines. also what is your valentines day outfit? My outfit is going to have a pink dress and have a big pink bow headband. Do you like my outfit?? Brooklyn Molly and Haylie are going to where the same outfit as me so that means we're twining!!! Well that was a short thing to say because I got to go!!! Bye!!!!!
Hello everyone it's me Ma.Bea!!! I am brand new to this and sorry if I don't post that much it's because have school. Anyway I can start letting my friends come over to my house and I can preview them so you can meet them a little more. Tell me if you would really like that since I don't really have anything to do. I hope you would like my blog since it's my only one. And I decided for my blog anyone can join if they're in a public school a private school or homed school, I would love as much people to join it since I am brand new and I really want some people to join. Well that's all for today!! I hope you enjoyed and you will see me next time, see yaaa!
Hey guys it's me again!!! Just to say I will post everyday but near about 4:00 because I am soo busy with school. Also you guys can suggest things I can do like a Q and A or I can try to message you guys on mail. Also I really want more friends because I only have 17 and I really want more so I hope you can send me a invitation so we can be friends. Well that's all I have for today. Bye!!!!
Hey guys I'm back!!! So last time I did my first preview and it was awesome with my bff Brooklyn!!! Now today I will be talking abut her since she didn't really tell about herself or that will be really long. So umm I guess am telling a few things about her,so let's get started. Brooklyn is 9 years old and her birthday is April 9. Her favorite color is blue like mine. Her favorite animal is a dog my second favorite. Her favorite subject in school is Art. Also just to say she does not have a crush.I am her bff. She has youtube. And guys guess what?? She posted her first video!!!! Her youtube channel is called Brooklyn Busch. Umm I think thats all I need to say oh also she used to be scared of monkeys. Well that was all about her. That was also all for today bye guys!!!
Hello everyone I am Ma.Bea!! I have a page and my reference number is 1403217,you can right to me if you want and we can be friends. This is my very first blog and probably my last since I might forget about it in the future. Let me tell you a little about myself! I am 10 years old and my birthday is November,28 2008. I go to church with my friend Patience,she has a page and her reference number is 1331970 so right to her! I am in a public school and I love it I have so much friends and they are so nice!!! Also this is all I half to right for now see ya!!C:
Hey guys I am back!!!! I need to tell you guys something,I am doing my first preview!!! And the person who is with me is... My bff Brooklyn!!! Brooklyn has a youtube channel but didn't post anything yet so ya. Now before we start on the preview I will tell you the instructions, whenever is says Ma.Bea: that means I am talking and whenever it says Brooklyn: that means she's talking,so now we can go on the preview!!! Ma.Bea:So Brooklyn how do you feel being the first one of me doing a preview with? Brooklyn:I feel so weird but also feel like it will be fun since I will be famous around the world. Ma.Bea: Well basically I will be asking you a few deep questions like who is your crush and you need t answer 100 percent truthfully.Brooklyn: Ok I will and I promise.Ma.Bea: My first question is who is your bff? Brooklyn: YOU OF COURSE. Ma.Bea: Ok good I just wanted to make sure,anyway your next question is are you dating anybody?Brooklyn: No but I was recently dating a boy name Alex but then we broke up because I wasn't allowed to date. Ma.Bea:ok,this is the last question do you have a crush? Brooklyn:Umm no. Well guys that is all for the preview and maybe Brooklyn will be back next time and Bye!!!!!
Hey guys I am back!!!! Guess what?? I am doing Jump Rope for Heart!!! If you don't know what jump rope for heart is then I will tell you. Jump Rope for Heart is a thing that someone has a heart disease and they talk about it to people and tell us about. Also you get to donate money to your school then you can get thank you gifts like plush toys or other stuff. If you are Homed school then that means you have no idea what I am talking about but if you go to a public school then you might know what I am talking about. And that is all for that. Wait I have another thing to say. Drum rolls plz... In my school I am having a dance!!!! I don't have a date or anything but I am going to the dance with 3 of my friends. I am going with Molly,Haylie,and Brooklyn. You guys no Brooklyn I did a preview with her before and next time I will probably do a preview with Molly and Haylie. All of 4th grade will be there so I am going to have some fun there. I am probably not going to be in a dress because I don't really like dresses so ya. My outfit will probably be me in overalls or something. Well thats all for today i hoped you are excited for me and ya,Bye!!!!!

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