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Colegio Fervan is a private school in Bogota, Colombia, with approx. 600 students. They are attending to the school from kindergarten up to colombian school-leaving exam, Bachillerato.
The main focus of the school is mathematics and sciences, but the school offers the ability to learn several foreign languages. Besides English, which is taught since the first grade, the pupils can choose from sixth grade on to learn a second foreign language. They can choose between German, French, Chino-Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, which are taught by native speakers.

The possibilities to get in contact with other cultures in Colombia, unfortunately, are surely limited. For our students it is great possibility to exchange with other cultures, increasing the motivation to learn a foreign language and get to know more about other cultures.

The Colombian semester will only go till the end of November and will begin again in February. We hope, if you are interested in contact with Colegio Fervan, that on grounds of this short remaining time, the students can get in contact as soon as possible

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