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Well this is my playground that isn't supposed to be used by the neighborhood kids but is anyway and from that it usually is written on especially the jungle gym that we can't see in this picture and the swings are usually thrown over the top railing and we have to get Mr. Kelly, this really tall 5th grade teacher to push it back down and sometimes kids climb up to the top even though we're not supposed to and unravel it.

Hey I'm Devin Block and I'm the representative for Butler Elementary. We are in Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The picture is of a map that one of the sixth grade moms painted with some help of the students in the summer of 2008. There is also a world map right next to it.

Butler Elementary is located on Brittany Drive off Rt. 202 in Chalfont, PA. The school is named after Simon Butler, who was a Justice of the Peace for this area from 1725 - 1764. Simon Butler operated a mill which was located nearby on Route 202 which is also known as Butler Pike. The land on which the school now stands was part of 450 acres that Simon Butler purchased in 1720.

This is a pathway to Ashley's Woods that includes lots of peoples names although for some reason I can't seem to get my name on there even though I helped out a lot when I went to Butler.

Well all those tables are separate now and there's a rock that is really big and it's so much fun to sit on. The classes usually go down in the early fall and late spring because it gets a nice breeze.

Ashley I think I was hit by a bus and she was a teacher at Butler and her mom was the principal so she decided to build a garden after her because she just loved all living things and she named the woods after her.

This is a pic of the path and part of Ashley's Woods. This is right next to Ashley's Garden and it does get really peaceful in here during the summertime. This is an awesome place to be when it's a cool fall day and there's a slight breeze and it's sunny but spitting rain. It's an awesome feeling.

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