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Here is the best Principal Saul Laredo
Counselor Dinita Willmann
School Hours 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Enrollment 545
School Colors Royal Blue & White
Mascot Coyote


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Carlisle Events

Carlisle Coyot-eNewsletter

Dear Carlisle Coyot-eNews subscribers,

Spring has Sprung, and with a gorgeous weekend behind us, we are all refreshed and ready to tackle a new week! Don’t miss the Taste of Plano tonight at the Plano Center from 5:00 to 8:30pm. It should be a really tasty event, and all proceeds will fund scholarships for graduating seniors. Lynn still has tickets for sale in the office. They are $15.00 for adults, $8.00 for students and prekinders are free! Tickets can also be purchased at the door for just a bit more. See you there!!

Here is what’s happening at Carlisle this week……

MONDAY, April 3rd
– Kindergarten Fieldtrip to the Holifield Outdoor Learning Center

TUESDAY, March 28th
- Science Club – 3:00 – 4:00

WEDNESDAY, March 29th
- Jim Dunlap visits 3rd Grade

THURSDAY, March 30th
- Bill and Carol Wallace – Author Visit – this event kicks off “National Library Week” which starts Monday April 4th (See news flash below)!

Coming up next week………

FRIDAY, April 7th
- Carlisle Math and Science Night - 6:30 - 8:00pm
Come see the Science Adventures "Magic Show" followed by fun filled, hands-on activities. More news to come. Keep an eye out!




Carol and Bill Wallace will be speaking to the students at Carlisle Elementary about books and writing on Thursday, March 30, 2006. Their presentations will be followed by a book signing session in the library. All students are encouraged to bring a Wallace book to be autographed

They are now known as the Wallace Family Writers as their daughter Nikki is also a published author.

Bill Wallace has won numerous awards for his work that includes over 25 books. He travels extensively having gained a reputation as a nationally known educator and speaker.

Carol Wallace has collaborated with Bill on several books and has now written a new series of readers for first and second graders.
Nikki Wallace has 2 books published and is currently working on a third.

Learn more about them at their website:

Paint shirts needed!! If you have any white button-down shirts that you no longer need, please send them with your student to the art room. Thank you for your help!


Up Coming Events and Dates:
- Monday, April 3rd – Fieldtrip to the Holifield Outdoor Learning Center

- By April 3rd – Send in a picture of your child as a baby and one of him/her at present day.

Final Conferences are the week of May 9-12. Our sign up sheets are located outside each teacher’s room. If you have not already signed up…come by and pick your time, before they fill up. Each teacher’s conference date is listed at the bottom.

Our field trip to the Outdoor Learning Center will be in early April as stated above. Please make sure that you have signed the permission slip and returned it. We cannot take your child if we do not have this signed permission form from you. Another note with more information about the trip will be coming on March 31st!

We will be working on an activity about growth with your child and create a class book. The pictures needed are given above by their due date. Thank you to those of you able to send them in already.


Things are hopping and jumping in first grade as we...

* learn all about frogs and toads

* study lots of science words for our spelling test this week

* practice with fractions and fair shares in math

* experience using the inflectional ending -ing

* know the strategies when we come across an unfamiliar word when reading

* review synonyms and antonyms, and

* listen to our visiting author, Carol Wallace, on Thursday.

It is going to be another fantastic week in First Grade! Ribbit ribbit!

Look for the new I WONDER note to come home today! The projects will be due on April 26th.

Also, the 2nd grade picture was cancelled last Friday due to the cold weather. A notice will go home letting you know when it will be rescheduled.

This Thursday is when authors Bill and Carol Wallace will be here! We are looking forward to having them share their stories with the children!


Friendly Fourth Grade would like to wish our 4th grade DI team consisting of Aaron Alba, Andi Fernandez, Malaika Sadik,Samantha Robbins, Chad Trim and Alan Vicars the best of luck this Friday as they leave for Corpus Christi and the DI challenge this weekend! As we are saying lately, (idiomatically) "Break a leg!"

We also are looking forward to the visit of authors Bill and Carol Wallace this Thursday. Many thanks to Mrs. Duke for her preparation of this big event!

We enjoyed the weaver, Mrs. Legatowicz, last Friday and her very stimulating demonstration of weaving. We really learned so much about this interesting craft/industry!

Thank you for subscribing to the Carlisle Coyot-eNews

If you have any comments, suggestions or submissions, please email me at

Linda Czechowski
Carlisle CTA & Coyot-eNews editor


Questions or Comments

The art classes at Carlisle are designed for children to experience a variety of media and techniques that are appropriate for their grade level. Emphasis is placed on building self esteem and confidence, so they can express their ideas in new ways.
The arts program promotes higher level thinking skills and problem solving in everyday decision making. The arts are also a unique source of enjoyment, providing the joy of discovery when we see things in a new way. The arts are everywhere in our lives, adding depth and dimension to the environment we live in and shaping our experiences daily. We value the arts for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practicing them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children's minds and spirits.

The art program is designed to help the student to:
1. Realize that each individual's ideas are of value because they are the tangible results of personal experience.
2. Produce and recognize the value of his/her own imaginative and inventive works of are while becoming aware of his artistic talent and its needs for further development
3. Progress students through a sequentially developed curriculum, moving from level to level in such a way that maximum growth is attained by building on prior learning.
4. Develop independent thinking by planning and executing his/her own ideas for truly creative expression instead of copy work.
5. Realize that creative art processes are a means of communication that extend beyond the limitations of the printed or spoken word.
6. Understand the characteristic, limitations, and possibilities of a great variety of materials, tools, equipment, and processes used in visual expression.
7. Develop an art vocabulary based on the elements and principles of design sufficient to communicate ideas about art.
8. Realize the many sources of creative ideas come from natural and man-made environments.
9. Realize that are is a means for emotional release and a worthwhile leisure time activity.
10. Use the elements and principles of design in evaluating and appreciating the aesthetic efforts of past and present artists and their cultural and historical influences on current times.
11. Become aware of opportunities in art careers through careful teacher nurturing.
12. Become aware of his/her responsibilities as a citizen to support cultural and environmental projects in a continuing effort to improve the quality of life.
13. Incorporate art perception, production, history, and criticism in a concept-based approach.
14. Incorporate concept-based art into other content areas.

Questions or Comments

About Our School
Carlisle Elementary School was opened in the fall of 1984. It was named a Blue Ribbon School during the 1987-1998 school year. Carlisle is the youngest school ever to receive this national honor. In 1994, Carlisle was recognized by the US Department of Education for excellence in drug prevention. In 1996 the school began it's very successful Mentoring Program.

The school is named for Henry Bascom Carlisle. He was born in August, 1855 in Tennessee. Mr. Carlisle married Dona Norton, and in 1888 they moved to Denison and a year later to Plano. They had four children: Manley, Idalee, Julia, and Willie Glynne.
Mr. Carlisle started a grocery business located on the east end of Mechanic Street. In this store, there was always a cracker barrel open, a hoop of cheese with a cutter, and a pickle barrel. He bought produce, such as watermelons, by the railroad carload, and sold them right off the car. Squawking chickens were sold live and weighed on big scales. They also sold grain, hay, and cotton seed.

“Chiney” Williams delivered groceries in the small wooden wagon pulled by two mules stabled behind the Carlisle house, and children came by the store after school for a pickle or cookie. This was a favorite place for everyone when they came to town. By the mid 1890’s, his brother JM Carlisle joined him in business, and the store changed the name to Plano Grocery Company.

In the 1920’s, Willie joined his father’s business also. After forty-five years of selling on credit, the unpaid bills owed him and the Depression forced him out of business. Mr. Carlisle died in 1934 at the age of 78.


The Spanish Program at Carlisle is designed to introduce a foreign language to children in a fun and exciting manner. Through the use of videos, activities and games, children learn basic vocabulary, respond to simple questions and commands, and develop an awareness of another culture.

Bienvenidos a Espanol!
(Welcome to Spanish!!)

Kindergarteners are busy as bees singing songs about colors, numbers, and Spanish greetings. They play games including Pass the Ball and Count and Treasure Hunt. In the weeks to come, they'll be learning vocabulary for days of the week, the months, animals, some foods, and family members.
First & Second Graders are in their 2nd year of Spanish and learning to count to twenty, weather expressions, classroom items and parts of the face. They've been singing songs from last year and practicing a couple of new ones like "Ojos, orejos, boca, nariz." Our vocabulary this year will include school personnel and rooms, transportation, farm animals, and places in the city.

Third and Fourth Graders are reviewing greetings, commands, and numbers, as well as how to talk about feelings and the weather. They'll learn words for parts of the house, as well as furniture and appliances, clothing, food, and sports. By the end of the year, the children will be able to read and write a limited amount in Spanish.

Fifth Graders have reviewed words and phrases from their past study of Spanish. This year they will learn the names of school subjects, professions, buildings, furniture, musical instruments, and even adjectives. They will be learning whole sentences and writing words and short sentences in Spanish.

Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade
3rd Grade 4th Grade 5thGrade

Grade Level Pages


Welcome to Staff of KinderGarden

Jessica Look, Hope Kendrick*, Lacey Aston, Jamie Dunkle*
the order of this is same with picture oh yeah if picture doesnt show i will tell u about it

Welcome to
1st Grade

Meet our First
Grade Team
First Grade
Language Arts is Cool!
Math Rules!

Integrated Curriculum Rocks!

The Right Choice
Take Home
First Grade
First Grade
First Grade
Field Trips
First Grade

PISD Elementary
Curriculum Link

It is with lots of smiles and happy thoughts that we welcome you to first grade. The transition from kindergarten to first grade can be a big one for both students and parents. In order to make this as smooth as possible, we have assembled some important information in this web site and in our First Grade Handbook, which we hope you will find helpful as we enjoy this wonderful school year. However, please do not hesitate to call us with questions, concerns or joy since communication is vital to you child’s success.
During the coming months you will notice many exciting changes in your child. Treasure each of them. Enjoy your child’s journey. And remember that great achievements involve love and commitment. We are committed to your child’s success in first grade.
Let’s enjoy the year together.

The First Grade Team

A first grader drew the picture its kinda little ugly


Team Leader



469-752-0639 Ms.Ngyuen ur huge ur big in that picture people they kinda look good
Your child will bring home his/her Take Home folder each day. In it you will find homework assignments, papers, notes, and newsletters from the grade level, school, and PTA. Please look through the Take Home Folder and discuss its contents with your child each night. Ask your child to read anything he has written to you! Be sure to have your child return it the next school day. We have found this to be a great tool for communication as well as helping your child to develop the responsibility of organizing his/her supplies. Three cheers for Take Home Folders!

[picture not found]

Curriculum Link

Welcome to the Second Grade Super Stars Team! The second grade team has planned an eventful year full of challenge and fun for your second grader! Your child will be learning many new wonderful and exciting things this year.

We believe communication between home and school is one of the important keys to your child’s learning experience. We want to build a strong connection between you, your child, and us. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

** Loretta Brister—
Susan Washa -
Colinda Jefferson -
Jean Lebeuf—
Kristen McCoy—

Second Grade Schedule

7:45-8:30 Language/ Writing
(45 minutes)

8:30-9:50 - Math

9:50-10:40 - Specials
(Art, Music, Spanish, P.E.)

10:40-12:40 - Reading, DOL, Spelling
(120 minutes)

12:40-1:10 Lunch

1:10-1:40 Recess

1:40-2:45 Integrated Curriculum/PAR

Stay tuned for updates, or check our Carlisle Events for up to date happenings in 2nd grade or at Carlisle.

Reading/Language Arts
Integrated Curriculum
Social Studies,
Science and Health
Physical Education
Holifield Science Learning Center
Lifelong Learner Traits
Elementary Technology Literacy Guide
PISD Instructional Resources
Plano ISD

Our Team!
3rd Grade
3rd Newsletter

We are so excited to be working with your children this year! Third Grade is a wonderful year full of exciting learning and growing. We view each of your children as individuals, and we look forward to getting to know each of them. Here is the third grade team:

Susie Hanneman – Team Leader
Renee Dunagin
Heather McGee
Sara McGilberry
Erin Turner

Susie Hanneman – Team Leader
Heather McGee
Sara Bagby
Renee Dunagin
Erin Turner

Jean Lebeuf—

Ms. McGee

I grew up in Dallas going to Richardson schools. However, I did move to Southern California from 7th - 10th grades and came back to Dallas to finish high school. I started college at the University of Colorado studying Communication. My junior year I decided that I wanted to become a teacher, so I tranferred and graduated with a B.S. in teaching third last two years being in Richardson. I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, being outdoors and watching Colorado Buffalo football!!

Mrs. Bagby

I love teaching 3rd Grade! I grew up here in Dallas, and went to J.J. Pearce High School. I got my degree in Elementary Education from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. My husband's name is Joel, and we have a golden retriever named Belle. When I'm not at school, I love to take Belle for walks, watch "Friends" and the "OC", and spend time with my little sister, Laura.

Ms. Dunagin

Third grade is by far the best grade ever and I am so glad to be with another delightful group of third graders! Last year I taught in Waco, Texas after graduating from Baylor University with a degree in Elementary Education, specializing in Reading. Sic ‘Em Bears!! I just had to get back to the Metroplex! I grew up in Lake Highlands, Northeast Dallas, where I graduated from Lake Highlands High School, home of the Wildcats. In my spare time, I love shopping, reading, church activities, watching all kinds of sports – especially football and basketball, and spending time with my loving parents, two older sisters, and my boyfriend, Shane. I am thrilled to be here at Carlisle and extremely excited to work with such a bright bunch of little darlings!

Mrs. Turner

I am enjoying another great year at Carlisle. Third grade is the best! Back in 1997, I graduated from Plano Senior High School and went on to Texas A&M University to get my B.S. in Elementary Education. My husband's name is Brandon and we have a yellow Labrador named Hank. On the weekends I enjoy shopping, going to the movies with my husband, and relaxing at home.

Kinder and 3rd Grade
Dr. Suess Day

Meet our 4th
Grade Team
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade
PISD Elementary
Curriculum Link
Cheryl Buchanan – Team Leader
Cheryl has taught for about 21 years in various grades and schools, but mainly in 4th and 5th grades here at Carlisle. She received her Bachelors and Masters degrees at State University College of New York at Buffalo. She really enjoys working with Carlisle students.
Phone -- 469-752-0656
Email --

DeAnne Cartwright
Fourth Grade is a great adventure and I love it!! I grew up in a very small West Texas town and lived in a suburb of Denver, Colorado before moving to Plano in 1992. I enjoyed volunteering at Carlisle while my own son was here and now I have the pleasure of teaching here. I enjoy spending time with my family (which includes my husband, one teenager, and Sadie, a miniature schnauzer), traveling and reading.
Phone -- 469-752-0655
Email --

Sarah Cyr
This is Sara's fifth year teaching at Carlisle, and her third year teaching 4th grade. She is originally from Kansas and a Kansas State University graduate. GO CATS! This past summer she was married to Jeremy Cyr, and they recently purchased their first home. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and she loves to eat out! On Saturdays she can be found curled up with a good book, doing a home improvement project, or watching her favorite KSU Wildcats play football.
Phone: (469) 752-0657

Brandie Rodgers
Brandie received her B.S. and Masters degrees in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas. She and her wonderful husband Billy welcomed their daughter, Reagan, into the world on July 29, 2002. Her two dogs, Duke and Maddy, are adjusting well to their new "sibling". In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing, art, traveling, and going to the movies.
Phone – 469-752-0658
Email –

Schedule 1

7:35 – Homeroom/Lunch Check-in

7:45 – Language Arts

9:50 – Specials

10:45 – Math

11:20 – Lunch

11:50 – Recess/DEAR/Homeroom

12:30 – Math Continued

1:30 – Integrated

2:45 – Homeroom Dismissal
Schedule 2

7:35 – Homeroom/Lunch Check-in

7:45 – Integrated

8:45 -- Math

9:50 – Specials

10:45 – Math Continued

11:20 – Lunch

11:50 – Recess/DEAR/Homeroom

12:30 – Language Arts

2:45 – Homeroom Dismissal
[picture not found]


Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade
5th Grade
Welcome to Fifth Grade! This is such an exciting year in your child’s life, and we are pleased and privileged to be sharing this special time with you. Fifth Grade is a year of growth, emotional and intellectual, as well as physical. As your child completes this last year at Carlisle and prepares for the challenges of middle school, the increased maturity is remarkable.

To facilitate this year of maturity, in Fifth Grade our focus is on academic achievement, personal responsibility, making good decisions and problem solving, completing and turning in assignments on time, and taking pride in a task completed and for which best effort has been given. We also focus on kindness and consideration towards others. There are many opportunities in Fifth Grade for cooperative and collaborative learning projects. Working in a group towards a common goal gives your child an idea of what it is like to function in the real world and calls for understanding of others as well as themselves.

Our expectations for your child are high both academically and behaviorally. It is our belief that our students will rise to the challenges that are set before them and take pride in their accomplishments and their growth. It is our goal to achieve this and have some fun along the way. While we do work hard in Fifth Grade, there are many memorable and enjoyable experiences.

With increased responsibility comes increased privilege. All Fifth Graders have the opportunity to shine as our school leaders. They serve as role models for our younger students, and as STOP helpers in service to our school. Fifth Graders also develop an awareness of the community outside our school as we support worthy causes, travel to Camp Classen, and look for other service opportunities both in and out of school which promote the lifelong trait of responsible citizenship.

Fifth Graders love being Fifth Graders! We love having them with us for this important year. To achieve our goals and make this a wonderful school year for your child, we wish to work in partnership with you. Working together will allow us to enhance your child’s success. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us. We value and appreciate you input. Once again, welcome to Fifth Grade. We are so happy to be working with your child and you this year.

The Fifth Grade Team

Mary Sue Brown, Chris Dunkle,
Barbara Parente, Becky Sullivan,

7:45 – 8:00 Attendance/Lunch Count

8:00 – 8:50 Specials

8:50 – 10:15 Math

10:15 – 11:40 Language Arts

11:40 – 12:00 Writing/Rotations
Parent Reader (Wednesday)

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 12:45 Recess

12:45 – 1:00 Study Hall

1:00 – 2:40 Integrated Curriculum

2:40 – 2:45 Assignment Notebooks/Pack up

Camp Classen Fall 2005

Immigration Simulation Spring 2005

Colonial Days

Schools Out Yell SCHOOLS OUT Website made in July 9 ,2006 Thanks for learning about Carlisle im in 5th grade Have a great time oh yeah im in middle school now check out Schimelpfenig Middle School And Jasper High School Middle School Coming in December and the Jasper coming in New Years Eve at night so dont miss the stuff

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