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Japan,China and South korea .... LoVE YoU ♡

Hi everyone !
Welcome to my blog which will speak, you can imagine, of South Korea, China and Japan which are very beautiful countries! But it could happen that I speak of Thailand, Cambodia of Taiwan and any country in East Asia. If there are things that don't seem right, write to me on my correspondence page (^ - ^)
Here I wish you a pleasant reading to all !
☆ _ ☆

☆ JAPAN : Introduction ☆

In this first chapter, I will tell you about Japan. This country, known for its cuisine such as sushi and maki, its traditional clothing like kimono, and recently J-Pop music and anime or manga! But if one is interested a little more in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, on there will discover futuristic districts such as Tokyo or traditional Temples strong in cultures by passing by my Fuji at the Kyoto market. .. Welcome to the Rising Sun ☆ 🎏 ☆

☆ Chap I : Intro, Style ☆
Ahhh...The style in Japan is very diverse! From traditional clothing to Harajuku Cosplay, clothing is very important in Japanese society! So for starters we will see the style
♡ LoLiTa ♡

In the lolita style we can find a dozen families of style
(In the best known)
- The lolita fruit

- The sweet lolita
- Gothic lolita
- The classical lolita

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Japan,China and South korea .... LoVE YoU ♡ (Pays du Monde)    -    Auteur : Lune - Japon

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