the way i am part 2
the way i am part 2 chapters 4-8
Chapter 4
now, we're on the plane and people are just now settling into their seats, when i found out why chris said that mario was sitting with me and i really didnt mind at all, thats accually what his ticket said, so i was cool. anyways like i said we were on the plane when all of a sudden tarri started texing me....
tarri: (text thru phone) hey hows football star doing?
torri: fine why? what's prince charming up to?
tarri: nuthing really, he just sitting back and relaxing for a sec.
torri: dang we gotta put the phones away cuz we finna take off now
tarri: k talk to you later baby
torri: bye boo
( tarri and chris )
chris: baby? who's that, i thought i was your boo,
tarri: (laughing at his expression ) you are that was torri somtimes we call each other boo and baby, ( she leaned over kissing his lips slowly he couldnt help but smile ) okay?
chris: iight ( chris got a text on his phone from mario )
mario: (text) lovebirds at first sight huh? i saw see you lata!!!
chris: (read it and turned phone off) so tell me more about you, things i should and shouldnt know....i love to hear about things i shouldnt know
tarri: whhyyy? ( smilng but trying to hide it )
chris: because those are usually the nasty things
tarri: boii ( laughing )
chris: im being forreal
tarri: ( licks the corners of her mouth ) you and mario just hit the jackpot for the nastiest twins found in georgia that are from california.
chris: you liyn?
tarri: naw'll when we can turn our phones back on ask torri she'll say the exact same thing...
chris: iight but still, you have to tell me about you, cause there are alot of things i wanna know
tarri: (looking him in his eyes as she moves the arm rest that was inbetween them and layed against chris as the plane started to pick up speed for their takeoff) what kind of things
chris: ( bites lip and pecked her lips twice ) things ( raised eyebrow to get his point across )
tarri: (looked towards the window trying to keep from putting the biggest smile a person could ever have on their face.) alrite but im only going to text them i cant say them
chris: the details are just that juciy?
tarri: like the booty attached to my waist,
chris: ( sat back as the plane lifted in the air grining, * i cant wait to tell mario * )
Chapter 5
torri: mmmm...( lifts his arm over her head and took in the sent of his shirt )
mario: aye, aye, save some fa later baby iight?
torri: ( sat up looking hurt ) so i cant lay on you? your so mean...
mario: why am i mean?
torri: cause you are,
mario: and what your nice???
torri: i guess you could say that ( smiles wickedly ) this is beautiful...but i've seen better
mario: where? ( looks out window, and raises eyebrow at her comment )
torri: switzerland
mario: switzerland???
torri: yeap....have you seen anything better or close to this kind of veiw? from the ground at least...
mario: yea...
torri: where?
mario: i walked into my gate and you pasted by, so i guess you could say....atl airport. ( smiles at her, she tries to hold back hers and ends up laughing )
torri: why is it so hard to stay mad at you? ( kissed his cheek firmly )
mario: i just got you like that i guess....just playin
torri: boi-( she got cut off because her phone vibrated, tarri sent her a message )
tarri: ( text ) hey put mario on the phone because chris need to ask him sumthing
torri: iight....mario
mario: hmmm?
torri: chris wants to text you
mario: ( takes phone and texts chris ) hello?
chris: dawg ask torri if she and her sister are the freakiest californians found in georgia cuz tarri up here braggin and im bout to do sumthing that might have us kicked off the plane...
mario: iight but chris dont do nuthn ryt now but dawg i feel your pain im goin thru the same thing ryt about now. torri,
torri: hmmm?
mario: are you and tarri...
torri: the freakiset twins that are californian found in georgia?
yea i think so why? did chris tell you to ask that because he wanted to know sum nasty things about my sister which in some ways we are similar so i mean if he finds out sumthing he basically knows 2 thrids of what i like.
mario: ( sat there with his mouth open ) dang....
Chapter 6
mario: sooo, lets go over basic things...
torri: ( looks confused ) such as....
mario: favorite...color? red for me
torri: black tarri's is white
mario:, favorite place to be other than by my side on this plane right now ( they both laugh )
torri: um, there's this place in switzerland where you walk up this path on the base of a huge mountian and....your walking up ward following the path and when you hear a stream and follow it, you run into this medium sized water fall, it's to beautiful.
mario: wow...well im going to have to say is the best place so far that i've been only becuse your next to me.( looks at torri and smiled ) and that the truth straight up baby gurl
torri: ( smiled and kissed him on the cheek ) forreal?
mario: yea ( returns her a kiss on the lips ), i know that this might not be the time for it but...what exactly happened before you andyour sister had to leave georgia?
torri: ( smiles weakly but wraps his arm around her, he pulled her close and she began her story)it all started 5 months ago, things were starting to heat up between my mom and dad....
mario: ya'kno you dont have to use the short version we've got nothing but time..
torri: ( softly in his ear making him shudder w/ delight ) alrite well one night..five months and my sister came home to hear my parents arguing....
Chapter 7
( flash back )
torri: gurl did you see the look on his face when i busted him out infront of everyone? now that nigga know who he messing w/.
tarri: that mess was funny though ( starts immatating torri's ex boifriend whom they caught cheating in the act w/ one of the 'slutty' cheerleaders who was suppoed to be going out w/ one of the most popular football jock who is now chasing after torri ) ba-baby hhhheeeey what what are you- doing here? we were just having a get together while we each took turns sucking the lips of the school's most slutty cheerleader.....( they both busted out laughng as they walked up their drive way to the front door ) gurl i would have smacked the crap outof him but you handled your business well big sis..and get this
torri: ( shushes her sister as they get closer to the house ) damn...they fighting this aint good
tarri: wanna got thru the garage so they can see us and they will die down with all the cusing..wait what did dad just say?
torri: i think he's acusing mom of being lousy giving head? gurl i dont know but if this keeps up im gone have a stroke cumon lets go thru the garage.
( we walked thru, i was first opening the door. some one threw the vase we saved up for last year as their annivarsary gift from us.) HEY!!!! we didnt do anything why are you throwing stuff at us? especially things we PAID FOR FOR YOU!!! ( my dad came and smacked me)
dad: who the hell are yelling at?
torri: ( thru blood and tears ) the same man who just threw a valuabe vase that me and my sister worked for for you and mom and bought it with our OWN money, nice to see you to dad school was fine except i found the dope YOU hooked me up w/ sucking the lips of the sluttiest cheerleader at my WHOLE school. ( ran towards the stair case tarri started to follow but he blocked her path )
dad: well arent you gonna speak?
tarri: not people who practice battery on their children who didnt disrepect them ( shoved past him, he followed her she ran to her room which was connected to her sisters, she locked her door ran and locked her sisters door and both bathrooms that only lock from the inside that were connected to each of their rooms.)
dad: open this damn door now!!
tarri: okay? ( she was wiping off torri's bloody lip and tears ) hmm?
torri: yea..i'm cool but this is starting to get out of hand...we are going to startsleeping in the guest bed room down next to the garage during the week okay?
tarri: iight and we can do our home work and stuff in your room and mine we'll switch out,
torri: but at night at like 4:30 we'll sneak downstairs cuz mom and dad dont usually come downstaris until we'er gone.
tarri: yea thats cool and if things get to rough we'll hide out down there or in the basment and we'll leave out thru the back yard.
torri: ( kissed her sisters forehead ) deal!!!!!!
( we sat down on my floor and both put on headfones while we did our homework, then we fell asleep.)
( at 5:30 my alarm clock was suposed to go off but it didnt, i woke up to the sound of pounding on my sister's door, or at least i thought it was pounding...)
Chapter 8
mario: hey you alrite, you don't have to finish if you don't want to...
torri: na' im okay i woke up as i said to wat i thought was pounding.....
( back to her in her room )
torri: wat? tarri? ( screams from her room )TARRIUN?
( i ran thru our bathroom to a locked door, so i ran around to
the room door, i found him trying to pummel her with his fists )
torri: dad!!!!!! ( he released her and dove after me
i screamed as i scrammbled down the stairs)
call the police!!! ( at first i thoght she was unconcious because i
heard no movement as i hit the bottom iof the second staircase
but i renewed myself with new energy as i heard
her aslo scrambling as if he was after her again
i made my way down the last of the stairs i jetted
into the kitchen, grabed the biggset knife i could find
and went around to the other exit that was in front of the front door which
was unlocked. i looked around quickly, i grabbed my sister and i's medicine,
and our two dogs who were already on their leash and bloted towards the door
i was grateful that he went around the corner into the exercise room.

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