Marykate and Ashely world!!!

Don't both sets of twins look cool!!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born June 13, 1986, in Sherman Oaks, California.
Their mother's name is Jarnette and their father's name is David.
Although their parents are divorced now, they continue to play an active part
in Mary-Kate and Ashley's careers. The twins' brother, Trent, is older by two years. Their sister, Elizabeth, is 3 years younger than the twins.
They also have two step-brothers and a step-sister from their
father's second marriage. While Mary-Kate and Ashley appear to be
identical twins, they are fraternal. Ashley is the older twin by two minutes.

By the time Mary-Kate and Ashley were 9 months old in 1987, they had joined the TV show "Full House." The twins played the role of a girl named Michelle Tanner until 1995. By 1991, a "Talking Michelle Doll" had been released, because the twins were so popular. In 1990, the Mary-Kate and Ashley books were launched, and are still a huge success today, often listed as bestsellers in USA Today. In 1995, the companion book series to their Adventures videos began to be released under the title Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley.

The girls are currently starring in the television series "So Little Time", which began in 2001 and has also spun a companion book series under the same title --- So Little Time. In 2002, Mary-Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Performer in A Children's Series for her role as Riley Carlson on "So Little Time." Although Mary-Kate did not win the Emmy, she is the first teenager ever to be nominated for an Emmy award in her category.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have come a long way since their TV debut as baby Michelle on "Full House." From their successful line of fashion and lifestyle products to celebrity fashion dolls, videogames, books, music, and movies, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become the most beloved and influential young women of their generation.

Eric Lutes is Jake Carlson, Chloe and Riley's dad, who has left the high stress world of fashion designing for a more relaxed approach to life. His television credits include roles on "Frasier" and "Caroline In The City." Other notable television appearances include "Ally McBeal," "Twice in a Lifetime," "Mad About You," and "Ellen." His feature film credits include "Legend of the Mummy."

Clare Carey is Macy Carlson, Chloe and Riley's high-energy mom. Clare is best known for her role as Coach Hayden Fox's daughter on the long-running popular sitcom "Coach." Other memorable appearances include "Ally McBeal," "The Pretender," and "Charmed." Carey has also starred in several TV movies including "Betrayed" and the independent film "Soul Mates."

Taylor Negron is Chloe and Riley's exuberant nanny. Negron is a familiar face from television and motion pictures, notably having guest-starred on "Seinfeld" and "Friends." He has also appeared in numerous feature films including "Easy Money," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "Stuart Little," "Flintstones 2," and "Loser."

Riley Carlson
Riley, played by Mary-Kate Olsen, is a little on the 'save the world' side. Unlike her sister, she never has two mornings that are exactly the same. One morning it might be cold pizza for breakfast. The next day, she may skip breakfast all together. This reflects her individuality and her spontaneity. She's a lot like her father in that way. Riley takes most things in stride and is an easygoing kind of girl. She is comfortable with herself as a person and sees no need in pretending she's someone she isn't. Riley is a girl who appears to have everything all together, but appearances can be deceiving!

Chloe Carlson
Chloe, played by Ashley Olsen, is tightly wound. Chloe's tendency is to be a creature of habit. She must start every morning at the Newsstand with her blueberry muffin, decaf nonfat latte and copy of Cosmo Girl magazine. She's got her mother's genes. Chloe is an over-achiever like Macy, but instead of actually doing all the hard work to get what she wants, she'll scheme her way out of it and get the same results! Chloe cares about looks, boys and shopping and will stop at nothing to succeed in all three categories!

Larry would call himself a hopeless romantic, but everyone else on the planet might refer to him as a teenage stalker! Those days of playing the High School victim and unrequited love for Riley Carlson are over. Larry is ready for the world to know there's a new Larry in town! But, is the world ready for Larry?

I think He's hot!!!!

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