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Welcome 2 my site! I hope u like it alot. If your gonna take my pics would u please,please,please give me credit 4 supplying the pics 4 u. I will get alittle mad if u take them and don't give me credit. Have FUN!!!!! :)
[picture not found]

AWWWWW...He look so good
About Me

I LOVE B5!!!!!! My fave members are Patrick & Carnell. They r so so so so so so adorable!!! I'M a really funny person. Probably the funniest thing I did was kill a ladybug wit some Lysol and drown it.LOL

Age: 13
DOB: 7/27/92
Fave Color: RED
Personality: Funny, Outgoing, Silly, Cool person to hang around wit
Fave Music: B5 (OF COURSE), Raven-Symone and Bowwow

Patrick lookin all extra fine and adorable

[picture not found]

They all look good


This is Patricks and Bryans drawings.
Patricks is on the left
Bryans is on the right

Some more drawings
This is Carnells and Dustins drawings
Carnells on the left
Dustins on the right

Man!They look good in white

Kelly look stupid and funny at the same time

Dustin lookin good
I love the watch he wearin and everything but it got 2 many lines in it.
How can u read that??

He's looks kinda funny

Do they ever not look good? Awwww wait....nope

I promise u that Dustin and Patrick are twins. I know they are

They r always lookin good

Full Name: Bryan Jesse Breeding
Age: 12
B-Day: october 14,1993
Fave Color: orange
Position in Family: youngest
Siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters
Fave Movie: Spiderman 2
personality: Shy,laid back,hyper,
Hobbies: Video games,drawing,and movies
Likes in a girl: great personality,funny,and sweet

Full Name: Carnell Fredrick Breeding Hunnicut
(Man that's a long name)
Age: 14
B-Day: November 30,1991
Fave Color: Red
Position in Family: 2nd youngest
Siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters
Fave Movie: The Incredibles
Personality: Shy,laid back,cool person to hang around wit, and funny
Hobbies: video games,drawing,bowling,and he doesn't know the rest
Likes in a girl: cool person to hang wit,sweet,smart,funny,great personality, and have pretty eyes

Full Name: Patrick Owen Breeding
Age: 15
B-Day: September 19,1990
Fave Color: Black
Position in Family: middle child
Siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters
Fave movie: Dodgeball
Personality: Funny,really silly,crazy,cool person to hang around wit,doing crazy stuff
Hobbies: video games,basketball,drawing,and bowling
Likes in a girl: funny,sweet,great personality,and silly like him

Full Name: Kelly Allen Breeding
Age: 17
B-Day: February 27,1989
Fave color: yellow
Position in family: 2nd oldest
siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters
fave movie: The Chronicles of Riddick
Personality: mature,silly ans still does crazy things
Hobbies: drawing,sports,video games, and football
Likes in a girl: funny,sweet,smart, and has to smell good all the time

Full Name: Dustin Michael Breeding
Age: 18
B-Day: October 8,1987
Fave color: baby blue
Position in family: oldest
siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters
Fave movie: Hero
Personality: REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOFY, laid back, funny, very mature (sometimes)
Hobbies: video games,football,drawing
Like in a girl: funny,cute,and has a great personality
(That catches his eye)
Bryan Pix
Carnell Pix

He looks so cute!

He's a cutie ain't he?

That's all I can say

He looks kinda mad

Patrick Pix
Kelly Pix

Dustin pix

He looks like he's 21

Dustin,Bryan, and Patrick

I'm sure u all heard that B5 has a DVD out. Well a frind told me 2 support the DVD and everything on here so I will.

B5's Documentary: The beginning

Includes: Old and new footage, pics, interviews, performances, and songs.

It can only be found ONE place!

They are also making a sitcom called "The B5 Show" so that should be great and really funny.

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