nat wolff
nat wolff rocks!
the first 5 people who email me asking 4 nats address gets it

nat was born dec.17 1995 in new york at brooklyn. isnet he a cutie

He and his brother got out of the bathtub and said we are the naked brothers band. he invited david and thomas to the band because they were his freinds and they had their own instramints.

Nats nickname is the girl magnet and he is!Beacuse i love him and lots of others do!!!!

he loves rosalina she is now in the band! i dont really like her becease i like nat!

who is nats crush!
jessie or rosalina

what is nats brothers name
david or alex

ansewers rosalina alex

that is nat isent he sooooooo cute!!!

thanks for visiting

nat if your out there i love you!

Nat please email me!!

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