2much actin silly

•Full Name: Marcel Dion Wildy
•Birthplace: Columbia, Maryland
•Location Now: Los Angeles, California
•Birthday: June 21st, 1989
•Siblings:1 Brother (Keenan) 1 Sister (Capri)
•Current Age: 17
•Influences: Musiq, My Dad, Ginuwine, Amber's Dad
•Celebrity Crush: Rihanna and Adriana Lima!
•Type of Music: R&B Mainly, Hip Hop too but mainly RnB
•Left or Right: Right
•Zodiac Sign: Gemini Cancer Cusp.....Gemini
•Nicknames: Cell, Celly, Celly-Cell, Parnell
•Pets: 4 cats, a turtle
•Hobbies: Collecting Mens Antik Jeans, My Rx-8 Club and car stuff, of course Dancin' and Sangin'

•Full Name: Milo M. Stokes
•Birthplace: West Covina, CA
•Location Now: Los Angeles, California
•Birthday: July 19th 1990
•Siblings:Miko, Chrissy, and Chris
•Current Age: 16
•Influences: O, Stokes, Marques H. and The Music
•Celebrity Crush: Mila J, Sara From Americas Next top Model, And Cassie
•Type of Music: R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and some Country
•Left or Right: Right
•Zodiac Sign: Cancer
•Nicknames: Lo
•Pets: My Dog (TAZ)
•Hobbies: Shoe Collecting, Entertaining, Designing Cholthes, And playing sports

Name: Myles Cleveland
Age: 15
Birthdate: July 24, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Bridgeport Ct.
Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken
Favorite Drink: Gatorade/Milk Shake

•Full Name: Christopher Stacy Cheeks JR.
•Birthplace: West Covina, CA
•Location Now: Fontana,CA
•Birthday: 12-11-91
•Siblings:Mom,Dad,3 dogs
•Current Age: 14
•Influences: Wu Tang Clan,MF Doom,2Pac,Cassidy,D-Block,Lupe Fiasco,Kanye West,Dipset,Jay-Z,Talib Qweli,Mos Def
•Celebrity Crush: Megean Good
•Type of Music: Hip-Hop,Rap,R&B,Rock
•Left or Right: Right
•Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius
•Nicknames:LilC,C,Lil Chris,Johnny Bravo
•Pets: 3 dogs

myles and marcel

myles and milo


lil c


2much and lil xazier

myles no shirt

2much and marques houston

hey this nicole wilson a huge 2much fan i also have a b5 page but if u have any question hit me up on my myspace or my yahoo


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