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She sat, stone cold, on top of the brick wall, watching the frozen trees of the Bugle Forest swing to the light breeze, and the people in their in their patch work cloths hurry buy on the other side of the wall. She silently waited for evil, and watching the sun slowly move through the gray cold sky.
“Meg, what are you doing sitting up here all alone?” asked Meg’s raven hard and blue eyed friend Allis. Besides being extremely beautiful she had the body everyone wanted, skinny and petit.
“There is something out there.” Meg said, her blazing red hair blowing into her dark, sparkling, green eyes, “Something that should not be there; something that will boom us all.” She shivered with Allis.
“Are you sour? It is not the wind or this blasted cold?”
“I am sour; what I am not sour of is if I should tell… I am going crazy.”
“You are going crazy; I have never seen you like this… I mean you always knew what to do. I got to go… and find David.”
David is Allis’s brother, he was older then Meg by two years, and had heart stopping caring gray-blue eyes, and amazing brown hair.
“Okay.” As Allis climbed down from the freezing cold stone wall the sky started to darken and the wind picked up. A thunder storm was on its way, or so Meg thought.
The rain was stinging and the biting wind did not help as Steven walked through the forest. He was told to go to the city of Amber, where he would find a witch child by the name Meg Little and bring her back to the hot sands of the Narrows’ Desert.
“It is up to you to go past the rising waters of the Slim Bay, cross the land of the ogres, and then find your way through the mind consuming forest of Bugle.” That was what the Orcas said. He could not believe he would be the first one to have gotten this far without turning back.
As Steven walked slowly through the woods, the wind began to pick up the layer of fine snow, throwing the snow in his face. Making the trees shake with in there being with laughter, showering him in more snow.
The flying snow began to make pictures dancing in and out of Steven’s sight. “You will not make it. Turn Back.” The whole forest seamed to say, playing on Steven’s very core.
“Hey! Hey, Kid!” a voice called on the wind. “Watch out!”
Steven did not pay attention thinking it was the wind, and ran into something hard and very solid, leaving his world black.

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