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There was a big explosion and Eleanor’s heart was in her mouth.
“Masks! Get your Masks here!” Called a familiar voice from a store stand. Another firework went off and Eleanor jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder.
“We don’t have long get to your position now.” Jason, the leader of the Boomers, said harshly.
“Yes sir.” Eleanor stammered. She must not let them down, this was their last chance to get back at the king, and she was the main attraction of the plot.
As soon as I was in my place the last firework went off and we started to move. “Ladies and gentlemen, the king!” the king’s advisor yelled over the noise and that is when I took out my gun and shot six times in the air yelling “Everyone get down!” They did, leaving the king in the right place. Jimmy took his shot, but the advisor jumped in front of him and was killed instantly. “Damn!” I whispered so close.
“Put your hands up and drop your gun!” said a policeman. Eleanor dropped her gun and looked at the spot Jason was, and winked, than Eleanor vanished.
“Where did she go?” The policemen asked, looking around widely.
“Let’s go, Jason.” Eleanor said looking sadly at the
still-living king.
Outside the city wall Jason threw down his gun and stared at the twinkling stars. They seemed to be mocking our misery that Jimmy missed the king.
“Nice shooting!” Someone said in the dark. Eleanor spun around pointing her pistol at the place where the voice was.
“Don’t need to point that thing at me!” The voice said, sounding hurt. “Don’t you recognize me?” he asked.
Eleanor looked at Jason. What was Tim doing here and why was Jason not in his guard mode? She thought.
“I am sorry Eleanor, but Jimmy was right… Girls are bad luck, or just hold you back.” Jason said in sad voice.

“Sorry?!” Eleanor shouted. “You are not sorry and you will never be!” She then shot at the voice and held her gun to Jason at point blank.
Tim groaned. “What did you do that for?” He shouted in pain.
“Shut up or I will kill you.” Eleanor hissed. “And you! I would have thought that you would have known that I am the reason that we were there in the first place, not Jimmy. I was the only one who did my job and got us out of the brig in Shifts!” Eleanor was just getting madder. Calm down! She told herself. “So, you want to get rid of me? Get rid of me, but do not give me to anyone! I would have left if you just asked!” I yelled at him. “Now to make sure that you don’t follow me,” Eleanor shot his leg and took off.
“Well now,” Tim laughed. “You sure got on her nerves. Better get good body grads.” James was not to Tim, but to his own worried brain. “I told you so, should have just kept he!” His brain told him through his pain.
“Now you have a problem, you promised me a slave. I want one.” Tim chuckled.
“How are you not in pain?” James asked through gritted teeth.
“She shot my wooden leg.” Tim explained.


Eleanor looked around the misty woods of Ireland. She was in a tree and the view was amazing. Mountains everywhere filled with greenery. Dear grazing under her grazing in the meadow. Here and there birds would come up into the light, blink and dive back into the thicket.
“Come on Eleanor, you should not stay in one place too long.” She thought and jumped down scaring the doe and took off toward the left, into the unknown.
"She has left us like you said she would. Master." James said to a dark figure clocked in a blood stand black clock.

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