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Long ago there was a war that changed the look of the world forever. The war was over a 100 years ago. It was named after my great grandmother, Guanda. She looked a lot like me with her turquoise eyes and long, wavy, black hair. The only thing that is different is that Guanda was more a “pumpkin” and I am more of an hourglass.
She was the leader of the women fighting for our rights, after the free plant of Earth fell to the Gundanrwe’s. They look like humongous wooly mammoths with the ability to stand upright.
The planet of Earth failed to protect themselves. The other planets thought that the girls were weak and were the cause. The men of our planet, Antiphonal, took over so that we wouldn’t fail either. After a while the men got the idea that we could be pushed around. They got into groups called the Readers when some men found that they could see the future. They wrote it down and called them prophecies. They would have us work with them in bad conditions. Finally my great grandmother had enough. She took all the women that were not afraid to fight and started to give the men warnings.
The men thought it was a joke; on a stormy night in August a fight broke out, I mean with guns and weapons, the girls lost and with their defeat they also lost the rest of their freedom. Every one though we were done for. My great grandmother told us to take one step at a time. We started to boycott everything we could. In 2223 on a summers day my great grandma was killed in a “freak” fire.
My grandma was also killed in the fire too, leaving my 16 year old mother on her own. She tried to keep the girls together, but they did not trust my mom, because the Readers keep a close eye on her. We fell a part and that was it. The men now rule and one step out of line we would be brought before a court and plea for our life.
Chapter 1
“Keara you have been brought before the court for mocking a teacher, beating up a boy, and climbing up flag poles in pants and no skirt. How do you plea?” he asked.
“With my hands up and knees on the floor like this.” I said and got down on my knees, raised my hands and said “I am so sorry and I promise to be good.” Then I rolled my eyes, and crossed my fingers in front of their smug faces.
“You will NOT make a mockery in MY court room!” Balthazar, the head Reader of Brandisher said.
“To late.” I smirked.
“I will have you hanged if you are to continue to behave like this.” He said. Then my mom let out an embarrassing cry and shouted “NO! OH, Please NO!”
“Mom, stop that you know me: I wIll get out of here.” I told her through my thoughts.
I was special like that, I could read minds, see into the future, and know a persons weakness with a single touch. My grandma could too, and with one smell of you I will know you WHOLE family’s history. In my main time I get to know people. I like the idea of really knowing what freaks people are.
All the sudden mom stopped waling like a starving walrus. Balthazar looked into my emerald green eyes with curiosity. “We will now call the boy witness to the stand.” He looked for a reaction on my face, but to my satisfaction he saw none.
The man, not really a boy, stood up. I laugh out loud. I had just noticed the damage I had done to him. He had a big ugly goose egg on his head. He was limping like I had cut off one of his sorry little legs.
“So, you think this is funny?” Balthazar asked in horror. “Hilarious.” I said through gasps of laughter. “Mostly because I hardly touched him!”
“This is going to be fun.” I thought. I couldn’t wait to mess up his sorry little brains.
“Lets start.” Balthazar said with a grin on his sorry wrinkled face.
“I would like to start out with when I met Keara.” John said.
“Go on a head.” Marianne said with her sick twisted sweet voice.
“Well I… uh I was standing there looking at Keara… minding my own business… and I stuck my foot out and tripped her. Then I asked her… she hit me… if she wanted help up… she sprang my foot… then she tripped me and said I quote ‘Now we are even’.”
“Hold up… your story makes no since. In one it sounds like she just attacked you for no reason, and in the other it sounded like you tripped her and wanted to help her up and then she tripped you.” Sinister said. His voice had gotten deeper than I herd it last. “N… yes… O!” John said.
“Well… I… do… NOT… Think… she… is… innocent.” I was having fun making Balthazar say that. He sounded like an idiot. “She is messing with my MIND!” He yelled furiously. Then he pointed at me. “Who, me? No-ha-o, me?”
“This is great!” I thought. “Man if I was controlling your mind that would be Awesome!!” I said with an evil grin.
“Okay… We will…ohm… call your teacher to the stands.” said the women to the right if me. I had not known her, or seen her at all. I took a quick read of what she thought of me and flat out started to laugh.
“Sorry… not… really.” I said through gasps. She thought I was a SWEET LITTLE girl! Man she has it all wrong.
“What is so funny that you had to interrupt us?” Balthazar asked. “Oh nothing. I just can’t wait till you see my teacher. He hardly has a scratch on him!” I said witch wasn’t a lie. I had gotten so good at lying no one could tell.
“Sorry I am late.” I heard a voice I would know any were. The sound of my drunken father.
“Where were you?” asked Balthazar looking at me than my mom than to my father. I guess trying to pace together were he came in with my mom and I.
“I was at the bar.” he said matter-of-factly.
“I see. Well make sure that you don’t make another out burst.” Balthazar said sturdily. “Where were we?”
“I think we were going to call my teacher up to the stands.” I said. The same thing happened to Mr. Deface as to John.
“ I think she should come live with us. Lets see if we can’t clean up her act.” Balthazar said after talking with the jury.
“Okay, Your Highness, when do I come and get to screw with your life?” I asked.
************Next week***********
I could not wait for the reading to start. I have been here for a week and Balthazar hates my guts so much that I had to fight assassins from my room. Well you couldn’t really call them assassins they were mere muscular guys with the wrong idea.
“The rule thief, the princess in waiting,
would find the key to peace.
With the evil queen at their doorstep,
Might find the key and put it
Where it cannot be found.
Only Wedded the princess and thief
Will find that which cannot be found
and peace will be renown.”
“Does anyone know what this could means?” Balthazar, the head Prophecy Reader, asked after reading the prophecy. I was in the vent because girls like me and my fellows are not allowed to be in Readings. I usually weasel it out of Jericho, but this is so much cooler. I actually know what the prophecy means but of course I can’t say.
“I think I know.” Tudik Catshooter said. He is a muscular man but not big. He is bald and never smiles, unless it is if I am in trouble. interrupting my thoughts. I looked down at the table filled of 25 men, there are only 12 girls not including me. The table looked cleaner and the food actually looked editable.
“The prophecy states that there needs to be a thief and a princess that are wedded and…”
He never got to finish because the ceiling began to creek and crack. Than I fell through. The dust rose, making the men cough and close their eyes. I took my chance and ran out of the Reading Room, down the hall way, and up the stars to my room (on the right, right off of the stars).
I took off my close and changed them into ones that looked exactly like the ones I had on, except they are not covered in dust. Then in a matter of sounds I stuffed the dusty close in between the mattresses and jumped out the opened window. I flew a couple of ways then grabbed on to the flag poll.
When my feet hit the ground I ran to my tree, grabbed my book and pretended I was reading it. I did this over a million of times, but I am all ways under the tree when the Reading starts and when it is over.
Yes there were close calls but I make it.
“Have you seen a kid or someone running by here?”
Erzex’s, the guard, voice asked. Making me jump.
“No did you try the back?” I said. Then I realized the fat man was wheezing. “I will go and look for you. They will never expect me.” I suggested.
“No it is all right I got it.” He turned and jogged back in. I hated sending hem on wiled goose chase. But the guy needed some exercise.
Balthazar held a meting with all of us girls and servants in the reading room the next day.
“As you can all see,” He jesters to the ceiling, “someone tried to sneak in and see what was going on.” He looked at me as he spook next. “ Now I have a few guesses who did it.” He paused and I did a quick reading.
“Oh, really? We are NOT to be prosecuted?” I thought. I got up off of the cold chair and took in a beep breath.
“What makes you think that we can not help? Just because we have some things you GUYS don’t, I know we got the brain to be in readings.” I am loving the furry beams coming off his brain.
“ We will be able to help. A lot!” I said and every one in the crowd agreed. “And the workers need better pay and sleeping arrangements.” I said once I had turned his brain over.
A roar of agreement and applause came over the crowed.
“But they don’t get paid.” He said amazed I could turn the subject and get every one on my said so quickly.
“Yah that is my point.” I said rolling my eyes. The meting was over and we all had better working environments and the girls could join in readings with real food. When I got out Jericho was sweeping up the floor. He was a scrawny boy, about 13. Had chin length, brown hair and always had a joke to tell.
“What…?” I asked.
“Exgilmenta.” He said simply. As I now ran down the hall I was looking for Exey’s mind. What was she thinking?
When I reached my room I saw that everything was turned over. My ruined close were gone. I ran back down to were Jericho was still sweeping. “For the hard working bust sweep up the dust.” I mumbled.
“Who, that worked like a charm.” Jericho sang out. As soon as the dust was gone.
“Where’s Exey?”
“Laundry Room.”
“Thanks.” I fasted walked to the laundry shoot.
“Gosh Exey.” I mumbled as I slid down the drop. “Ha Exey!” I said.
“Oh my GOSH! Pleas don’t sneak up on me.” Exey said in her little 10 year voice. She had almond shaped eyes that were the color of ripe plumbs and her hair was waist length. She was very scrawny. Exgilmenta was an orphan and was sold to the readers when she was no less than four.
“So you were in my room?” I asked.
“Yes. You know Jericho and I talk. He told me about your little stunt. So I thought I would go and clean up your garments.” Exey said smiling. “You do know that it will need to be sown? Right?”
“Yes.” I said. “ I will do it for you.” I said.
“I know. But, we BOTH know that you can’t sow worth a half peace.” She and I chuckled.
“Burt!” Exey said sounding surprised.
“You know Exey you are spout to be working not talking with… KERA!?!” Burt hated me, and I despised hem. He was a fat block with no chin and the last time he saw his feet was probably never. His hair is orange and greasy.
“Oahu, Burty, you heart my feelings when you shout my name like you wished I was dead.” I said sounding hurt. But I left with look that was so post to be sympathy for Exey.
As I climb up the stares I heard a commotion up on the kitchen level.
“What happened in here?” I asked coming in and seeing mix spread all over the walls, floor, and even the cycling did not escape the genomes mess.
“Need help cooking?” I asked. “And clinging up?”
“Keara you know that you are not aloud to be in here.” says chef. “Yah but I don’t think he would mined if I helped. I mean is when he made the rule I am guessing that he did not count on this.” I said moving my hands around like a tour guide in a zoo.
“Be sides, those are more like guide lines than actual rules and rules are made just to be broken.” I said in a voice that indicated that he should know what I was talking about. “Be sides he will be so mad about me being in the kitchen that he wouldn’t even care WHO let me in but HOW he is going to handle it.” I said logically.
“True he dose get mad at almost everything you do… Okay, Kera, come join the kitchen cure! At least till the mess is clean.” chef said. Chef was a big man, but not chuddy big. No he was all mussel and bone. He had short, curly, brown hair, and gray blue eyes. I helped by saying spells when he or someone was not looking.
“What in the world is going on here?” asked Balthazar.
“We are cleaning up the kitchen!” I said happily.
“I thought I forbid you from here?”
“You did, but I thought I would help.” I said.
“J.U.S.T GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He said with all the strength he had not to yell. I left as fast as I could, tripping Balthazar on the way. As I jumped out the window and graded the flag pool I saw Jericho coming out the door of the Readers building. “Ha Jericho, Lets get out of here.” I said.
“What? Where?” “Lets get out of here. Where? I would like to go to the Salvadoran.” I said. The look on Jericho’s face almost had me rolling on the grass. “You look like you’ve seen a goats!” I laughed.
“B…b…b… but the Salvadoran is OFFLIMENCE!”
“Ha who cares?” I said. “Besides, I have some friends there that I need to see.” I said and started to walk. In a few seconds Jericho bounded up.
“Okay lets go.”
“Race you!” I said. “GO!” And took off at full sprint. I knew no one can defeat me, but it is fun to race any way.

Chapter 2

We got to Salvadoran in about five minutes. It would have taken about twenty to walk. The place was an elephant bone yard. The sky was gray and the air had a chilly fell to it even tough it is only sixty degrees.
“Come on they are this way!” I said. As I walked with Jericho beside me I could hear his breath and the crunch of the bones under our feet.
“Who goes there?” asked a voice that I knew very well. “It is only I and a friend. Come on, Como, you know me!” I said laughing. A grubby head came into view. “You are right! Yah you mad it in time to come and see the race!”
“The one were Anguilla and Orense race all around the grave yard?” I asked. She nodded and I ran around the bend.
“Come on, Jericho!” I yelled backward once I noticed that he was not following. I skidded to a halt. I could not since Jericho’s spirit any were. “Como, go warn the others. A phantom is in the Grave yard!” I said. She looked at me in fear. “GO! I will keep them off you guys! HURRY!” I yelled and turned back to go save Jericho.
I skidded to a halt again when I saw hem laying there in the ground. “Are you going to fight me or not? Or are you going to be a coward and hid behind a pill of bones till come and kill you myself?” I asked, knowing who the phantom was. And a real shocker Balthazar stepped out of a pill of bones.
“So, what are you going to now you found out that I am a phantom?”
“I am going to kill you!” I said.
“Ha now, Keara, you don’t want to kill Jericho now do you?”
“It dose not work that way.” I said. His face turned and I could tell he knew I was telling the truth. “We both know that if I kill you than all the spirits that you took will be giving back.”
“Now it is my turn.” he chuckled. “Actually they wont. Now if you want your friend to see the light of day again I suggest you come with me now!” I bent my head and walked slowly toward him. Than I stopped half an inch before his hand.
“First give Jericho’s spirit back.” I said. He could not harm me if I was in a place were the dead was berried. “Fine.”
****************** 50 YEARS LATER**********************
“If you look at the sky what do you see?” I asked. When the idiot of a placeman I ran for it, turning around a corner and running into Tollan. “So, Jericho, were have you been hiding?” Asked my uncle. “No were Tollan. Took the wrong turn.”
“Come on, Jericho, I need to tell you something. In an instant we were in the back allies of Blackstone, Antiphonal, than Tollan’s old busty house. “Come on, Tollan, you said you cleaned the place up?!?!?!” I said.
“I did don’t you see the spiders, weds, and flees are all gone?” He asked, just like a kid.
“Tollan!” I said laughing.
“Fine. Save the hard working bust, clean up the dust!” I a whoosh the dust was gone, leaving the huge furor clean and sparkling.
“Man, it smells better in here. More like… oranges than mold.” I said haply.
“Come, Jericho, you need to know this.” Tollan’s happy and cheerful spirit quickly vanished as we climbed the stars. I walked behind the big strong man. We walked in to the library. The room was strangely darker. Books lined all of the six walls, four candles were in each corner, giving off an luminous orange glow leaving the middle of the room completely dark. The red carpet looked like it was black and it felt as if I was falling.
Tollan moved right and as I did the same I tripped on his old fashioned clock. Mumbling apologies Tollan opened a hidden door in the middle of the books on one of the walls.
Tollan moved to one side showing a completely white room in the middle sat a girl with long, wavy, black hair, fiery turquoise eyes. She had an hourglass figure made of all muscle. The girl looked no more than 13 years of age.
“Keara? Keara it is Jericho.” Tollan said pushing me into the room with the girl and slamming the door behind me.
She looked up. “Do you remember me?” She asked. In a flash I remembered the girl.
*****************Jericho’s Memory***************
“Are you okay?” Asked a sing song voice. Jericho gowned and opened his eyes. A face with freckles, raven, black hair, and turquoise eyes looked at Jericho with a weird look.
“My head,” Jericho gowned.
‘Sorry about that. I usually land better by my self.” She explained.
“What?” Jericho asked screwing up his eyes. “Too mush green.” He thought.
“You fell off the Cliff of Doom… It is a two hundred foot fall. You know?” The girl asked.
“Uh… Yah… Sure.” Jericho answered. “What was I doing up on the Cliff of Doom?”
“You were… um… sword fitting three people.” The girl said looking at Jericho weirdly.
“Okay… What is your name?” Jericho asked sitting up and deciding that it was not a good idea and laid back down.
“I am Keara.” The girl said with a twinkle of fire in her eyes.
“Yes… I remember.” I said.
“Good.” Keara had lost her sing song voice and the twinkle of fire, but she was still Keara. “I was worried that you would not remember me.” She said.
“To tell the truth I actually did… but, I remember now.” I said haply.
“Do you remember Exey?”
“Yes! How is she?” I asked.
“She is fine, but still a servant to Blathazar… Do you remember Blathazar?” Keara asked.
“Yes… yes I remember everything now… He took something of mine… you saved me. Again.” I then had an idea. “I want to repay you. Is there anything I could do?” I asked.
“Well… No! NO! It is too dangerous!” She said arguing with her self.
“Keara,… You saved my LIFE twice.” I took a beep breath. “I owe you TWO life times!” I was getting angry, she brought me in here for a reason… and I am sour that the reason was not to gain back my memory.
“Okay… I need you to help weaken the Readers. I need you to go to Salvadoran, and have Como train you. I know what happened last time. You will be safe if you are at least 3 feet in the grave yard.” She took a beep breath. Her eyes looked as if they were in another diminution. “ I need you to learn the art of casting and taking back spells, learn how to use the right magical objects at the right time,… and find the princess and thief the prophecy talks about. Those “Readers” still have not yet figured it out.”
“But… there is over a billon thieves and thousands of princesses! And also distorting the Readers in the process! It will take FOREVER!” I said frustrated at Keara for expecting that much of me.
“NEVER tell me how hard something is going to be. YOU asked if I wanted anything in return for saving your waste of two lives! This is what I want for saving you more that twice.” She snapped. The spark of fire in her eyes light for an instant than left as fast as it came.
“I am sorry… you are right. Pleas go on.” I said.
“Do not trust any one, except Como and Tollan.” She took a beep breath. “You need to save the universe and slow the Readers who are going to destroy it.” She turned around in a full circle. When she stopped she had a sword and a jelled belt. “Como will show you how to use it. Now go! You have no time to spare.” I left just in time to see her vanish.
“Tollan! Tollan, I have to go to…” A ruff hand came up and stopped me. “Be quit and maybe we can get out here alive.” Tollan hissed. “Stay close to me. What you just talked about NEVER happened! Act bum and like you don’t know how they are.” He walked out of the library and back down the stars. “Come here BOY!” He called. I cam quickly.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Answer the door.” Tollan hissed, I obeyed. Balthazar was standing on the front door. He looked liked he had ran all the way here. His wig was crocked and he was covered in sweet.
“Come on in sir.” I said stepping to the side.
“Tollan, were is she?” He snapped. Tollan looked confused. “Who? We are the only ones here. You know that.” He said.

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