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The Mythological Trigily
I us to live in a palace and had everything I ever wanted. But everything changed when my dad died from hearing a banshee at my mom’s funeral.
After that, shortly after that I got kicked out of the palace by my dads council. The day still burns in my mined. They took all my things and lifted me with one dress and my locket with my parents pictures in it.
I laughed with the grope of kids, now my friends and gain. “You really were a princess?” Tommy said thought gasps. “Yah until Zhan Clawwarper kicked me out.” I said with a sly grin. I even remembered the last day there.” I said and started to tail the tail.
I woke up to the sound of birds singing out said my window. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. “Hello Chef Charles.” I said groggily. “What can I make for you my princess?” He asked politely. “Toast will be fine thanks.” I really did not care for big any things. Mostly because I knew what it looked like out said of the palace walls. People were starving and freezing in winter and hardly had any close for children and most children are living on the streets.
My father had told me I was forbidden to go out of the palace. I never follow his commands for I know he lies to me and I know what he plans for me. He wants me to go and get an arranged marriage and live “happily” for the rest of my days.
Troth be told no man could fit his hands around my waste… “But I can fit my hands around your waste.” Jimmy proclaimed... And no mans hands will ever go around there.
“Your father told me he wanted to see you in his office.” A husks voice said. I jumped around to see Beowulf. He looked tired and his usual combed, curly, brown hair was a mass of knots around his head. “I will be right there as soon as I finish my toast.” I told hem holding up my chin.
“He wants you right now.” I rolled my eyes. “Do you know what he wants so badly?” I asked. “Yes but he wants me to be quiet about it.” Okay than beats me what he wants so I put down my burnt toast and started to walk the stares. “You aren’t going to take the elevator?” He asked as I passed the iron door with fancy diamond shapes welled into it. “No I got legs, I can walk.” I said sternly. They was to de no argument about it, as we descended the 182 stars. “How about this, to pass the time I will asked you what I think he wants if I get close or right on you say nothing just yes or no, okay?” I asked hopping he would get what I was trying to do. “Okay.’ He said not really caring.
“Is it have to do with weddings?” I asked.
“Is it some one in my family?” That would be either me, dad, or grandma.
129 stars we had clamed and I was still asking questions. All I got was that some one was having a marriage. It might be me or some one I had met. Dad all ways had me help with weddings. We got there huffing and puffing. “What took you so long?” The sturdy voice of my dad asked. “She would not take the elevator.” Beowulf said simply. “Okay, get out Beowulf. This is between me and my daughter.” He waited till Beowulf left and then looked at me squarely in the eye. “What do you think of me getting married in two week?” he asked. “You are WHAT?!?” I yelled. “Pleas tell me you are joking!!” I asked. “Well I thought you needed a mother to teach you some girl things.” He said simply. “So you AREN’T joking?” I asked dreading he would say yes. “No I am not.”
“NO! NO! NO! NO!” I yelled. “That will rune EVERTHING! I will never be able to go outside again! I will be torture! Dad I don’t SOW, I can’t COOK, and NO mom will let me do ARCHY!” I said. “We would not get a long! I am a as much of a boy as you, and I will NEVER be able to were pants under my squirts again!” I got up from the chair and ran out said the room. I ran passed Beowulf and started down the stars. I always went over the wall after things like that happen. The next thing I know, even before I get over the wall, my dad drops couching his heart and with his dying breath said “dame banshee.” Then I was thrown out and ran into Charlie.” I said after the laughter died down. “Where have you been?” asks a femoral voice. “Charlie you know me. I like to get out.” I said with a chuckle, and felling my face turn red. “Ha C. she gots us a present.” Says the smallest in our group. He is only 4 and can’t yet say Charlie. “Ho yah Erzex? What that?” Charlie said looking at me in disbelief. “I don’t know. She says to wait.” Erzex says in a small voice. “I got bread and chesses that will lasts us the entire hour.” I said and more giggles were made. “Well then, you are never going to see it in your stomach than.” Charlie said. “I know unless someone has x-ray vision.” I said and the look on Charlie’s face was so shocked at my little joke, I broke out in a searies of laughs; every one joind in. “Yah, come on Charlie! Why are you trying to hide me? I am a better fighter than any one here put together, and I can do archery and no one elas can! I can take CARE of MYSELF!” I yelled getting agery. “Being locked up in here is WORST than when my mom died! I am SUFFACTING being here, when even little Erzex can go out and begg, but I can’t even let anyone see me BESIADS you guys. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind that but I can’t stay here all the time! I need breathers!” I said to all the hurt looks on the littler kids and the nodding of the older ones. I needed to get my point across to Charlie that, even though I am a girl I can find for my self. “Well if you are a better fighter than fight me!” said Charlie. “Fine! Lets go!” I said getting up, and standing in a sturdy posion. “I am NOT fighting YOU!” Charlie said. “Why? Chicken?” I said. “No! That’s…”
“Brock-Brock- Brock! Ha, kids C.H.I.C.K.E.N what’s that spell?” I asked. Confused looks was all I got. “CHICKEN! We got a chicken in our mist!” I said and a bunch of laughs came up while I put my hands in my armpits and shock my arms like feathered wings.
"Why? Scard?"

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