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The wind was restless in the chilly night; the same could be said about Tysa, the fiery red head, green, life filled, sparkling eyed, ten year old magician’s apprentice. She sat agents the only wall without book shelves in the pentagon shaped library, reading XXV Magic and Mysteries.
“Tysa, what are you doing up?” asked the white haired and brown eyed magician, Dothan. Tysa shrugged, “the same could be asked about you Dothan.” She replied in her little voice. “Could not sleep,” She finally said.
Dothan was in Tysa’s favorite magician’s gown, it was black and the folds were blue there was yellow stars sowed in, Tysa on the other hand was wearing her blue dress, it was one of those dresses that are close to the skin, with flared sleeves.
“What are you reading?” Dothan asked, getting out his tarot cards. “XXV Magic and Mysteries, what is in the cards?” She asked putting the book aside and walked to one of the many oaken tables. “It is not smart to walk around here with bare feet.” Dothan said noticing them as Tysa watched him shuffle.
He placed five brown cards face down on the table. “Do you want to flip the first one?” He asked. Curiosity got the best of Tysa; she reached for the first card, and slowly flipped it.
It showed a girl in a red dress, and black hair. Fire was in the back and behind that a skeleton. The symbol of the card meant a powerful girl was on the way.
Dothan hummed and flipped another card. The next one was a dial spinning and spinning. “Wheals of fortune,” Dothan mumbled. The next three cards stated that this girl was going to have to save the world’s fortune from the darkest evil that either magician’s new.
The wind never stopped that night and the next morning the queen had a fire in the great when the magician and his apprentice came to bring the news of the girl and the unknown evil.
“And how old is this girl?” asked the queen in her rich puffy dress and jewels.
“She is a teenage girl, with black hair and the bluest eyes that you have ever seen, and she likes to dress in boys clothing. She usually wears black pants and long red shirts.” Dothan said.
“And how did you find this out?”
“I had Tysa look in to her.” The queen nodded.
“Well let’s find this girl.”
“Why not just give up?” asked a boy with tan skin and a muscle build, he had brown hair and gray eyes.
“Because I know I can win.” The girl said. She had raven-black hair in a long braid going down her back, and the bluest eyes that you have ever seen, and was dressed in her usual boys clothing, black pants and a long red shirt.
The gleam of her sword shot through the sky.
“Why not just kiss me and be done with it?” Tom, the boy, asked as he dogged a blow to the stomach. Lisa then through her sword at him and pinned him to a tree.
“Very good Lisa, but what did you do wrong?” asked the tutor, Luther. Lisa though for a moment “Oh I gave him my first prize weapon!” she said hitting her head.
“Don’t beat yourself sweetie.” Tom yelled from the tree. Lisa through her dagger and grabbed the sword from the tree, pinning Tom with the dagger and putting her sword under his chin. “Don’t piss me off ‘sweetie.’”
“Luther! LUTHER!” called Anny, Luther’s 10 year old sister, from the top of the hill. Her mud brown hair was in a pony tail, and her gray eyes were wiled.
“Luther the Queen has given out a reword for a person that matches Lisa’s description!” Anny had run down the hill and was now waving a flyer in Luther’s scared face. His head tilted to one side, is light brown-red hair flowing.
“So why does the Queen need a person like Lisa?” Tom asked finally freeing himself from the tree. “I think we should hand her in.”
“Why don’t we just kill Tom and through his body in the river?” Lisa asked with curiosity.
“Because we like Tom,” Luther said.
“Well I don’t.”
“That hart my feelings,” Tom said sounding hart.

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