Her talent is...
shes a Pots and Kettles Fairy – she love repairing kettles, pots and pans

Her friends say shes…
• Feisty, fun-loving and fearless
• Easily upset, but also quick to apologize
• A true friend once you get to know me

Fairy Mary says…
“Although she's a bit of an outcast, Tinker Bell charms everyone with her sparkling smile and kind heart. She can have a bit of a temper, but is fiercely loyal and will go out of her way for those she loves. No one could have a better friend than Tink!”

Her best friend is...
Peter Pan

Her favorite flower is…
The Silverbell

Her favorite color is…

Her favorite possession is...
Her tinker’s hammer

Her favorite place is...
Her teakettle workshop

Her favorite game is...
Fairy tag

Her favorite food is...
Pumpkin muffins

She likes...
Fixing things, adventures, Peter Pan

She doesnt like…
Things she can’t fix, gossip

Shhh… her biggest fear is...
That I don’t fit in

tinkerbell rocks my socks off

her friends call her tink
people love tink i think
shes the most popular fairy
thats what i think!

tinkerbell is not only a fair shes a fair good friend

some people hate her .... but i dont!

look tinkerbell loves to type weird words!

tinker loves peter pan her "friend"

tinkerbell luvs ya!

TINK TINK█ █9◘bb§╚£ô lol

to get more about tinkerbell and friends and..........make your own fairy and house go to disney fairys .com or contact me

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