Abigail's Story - Abigail's Story

Wow, my first day of 5th grade, in another place. I really missed Indiana, all the familar things to do there, familar school, friends, and jazz/ballet studio. Even the Sweet Shoppe was comforting place, although I hardly ever went there. Now I'm in Illinois, mostly the same. So, I waited with my annoying little brother pest Ethan, in 2nd grade, who already made lots of friends here in Illinois and was nicknamed "Mario" for loving Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros, and stuff like that. "Remember, you'll make tons of friends here Abigail!" Mom cheerily tries to ignore how sad I looked. I took Ethan and my backpack over to the bus stop, right across the street in front of the small park. So I'm at the bus stop and there are a lot of cute little kids, and some older kids. I know when I walk into the cafeteria today, I am NOT sitting with random people or people I didn't really meet. Two twin girls one with blonde hair and blue eyes, and one with brown hair and blue eyes catch my attention saying "HI!!! Oh my gosh! Are you new?!?!?!?" said one, while the other smiled sweetly. There was one sad boy who looked about my age on the bench crying. I wondered what to do.

a. If you started talking with the twins, go down to Answer Box A
b. If you sweetly and shyly wandered over to the sad boy, go to Answer Box B
Answer Box A

The twins smile happily as I walked over. "HI!!!! I'm Emily!! And this is my twin sister, Rose!! We are ever so happy to see you!!!" Emily said, in a very talkative way. Rose smiled, I noticed she was pretty when she smiled. Some people are just like that, somehow. She said "Emily is very talkative, which you already noticed. Emily, it would be a great idea to use your talent right now." Emily started shouting, "IS THIS COOL OR WHAT?!?!?" and I just realized she had an American accent one minute, and now she had a British one! "How do you do that???" I asked. She replied, "I don't know, it's very scientific, or perhaps maybe it's magic or perhaps......." and she went off onto the bus talking to herself. "She has two accents, as she stayed in London, England for a almost a year while I decided to come back home to our parents. The year after next we're going to do it together." Rose said. I was really surprised they had been to England, I thought Emily was just good at fake accents. Rose shook her head and smiled as she stepped onto the bus with me. Go to "On the bus" part 1.
Answer Box B

I walked over to the sad boy as slowly as I could, and then just gave up and went over. Wet tears dripped down his face, and I'm not good at comforting sad people, but went over anyways. Asking why you are crying might embarrass him, so I said "What's wrong?" He looked up, a little surprised, and he brown eyes looked at me, kind of into me, as I did the same with my very dark brown eyes. He said "My hamster died, and my cat ran away. My sister was just discovered to have cancer over the weekend." His hair was dark brown and sometimes got into his face. I looked at him, and felt for just a moment sad for him, as I was already, but the reason of sadness was really quite sad, I love pets, although I never had one, and cancer, so serious and sad. I said "That's awful. I'm so sorry." He didn't respond for a second a long 2 minutes actually. "Look," I said. "If it makes you feel any better, we can make cookies at my house and raise money for your sister." He looked happier then asked "What your name?" I thought for a minute, and said, "My name is Abigail Hartford. What's yours?" He did the same and said "Derek Wendell. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." I quickly smiled and stepped onto the bus. Go to On the Bus part 2.
On the Bus Part 1

I knew I could've sat with Emily and Rose, but sympathy won me over. I sat next to the crying boy, he looked really, well surprised. "What's wrong?" I asked, ignoring all the laughter and singing from second graders. "My cat ran away, my hamster died, and my sister has cancer." he finally said. I looked around for something in my backpack. "Here have a tissue," I said, trying to look sympathetic and not like I needed to secretly laugh (I swear, even if I looked like that, I don't feel that way. NOTHING is funny about this situation. NOTHING). He took it and dabbed his eyes and nose. His hair had dark brown and got into his face (no, he didn't grow his hair out like a girl). And his brown eyes perfectly matched well, you know, color coordinating or something. Mine does not. My brown eyes and brown hair matched too much in my opinion. He was very quiet, and looked out the window. "Do you know which class I'm joining?" I asked. "Mine. Our teacher told us we were having a new student join our class, and you, I haven't seen you before." he said. "Emily and Rose, are they in our class too?" I asked. I really hoped they were my only friends! In this school I'm going to, we don't have lockers and normal class periods. Last year of just having teachers all day long. "Yes, they are.." he said. The entire time he was looking out the window distractedly, and I got somehow annoyed by that. He looked like he had a single tear running down his face and might want to fall asleep so he can forget about it. Then his eyes shut. I said "Derek?" over and over, but he didn't open his eyes. After the seventh time, I said, "Look at me!" jostling his shoulders gently "I'm very sorry about your sister and pets, but you can't ignore everyone else until they come back. Your sister will get better, the doctors know what they're doing!" I said this very gently, I didn't want to be Miss Bossy Boots who was going to make sure everyone was happy and force them too, but it really wasn't nice or comfortable and something else I can't describle seeing this boy sad. "She won't get better. Ever" He started looking out the window and crying more silent tears, probably embarrassed. "Ok, maybe I can't promise she will get better, but, I will donate money to her. I can invite Rose and Emily and you to my house and we can make cookies and we can donate it to cancer research or your parents to pay them back the money they spent." I said, maybe a little like Emily talks, really fast sometimes. His eyes lit up, just a little, but it made me feel a little special that I could make him feel better. "Really?" "Really." The bus stopped at school and the corners of his mouth perked up just a little, and he said "Rose and Emily are in our class. They will be guiding you around the school." "Ok, here, take this packet." I handed him the plastic packet of Kleenex I had "But.." "Not to worry, I have extras." I got off the bus and ran up to catch Rose and Emily. They were reading A Dog's Life and The Romeo and Juliet Code. Emily had an excited smile on her face as I ran up to them. "We're going to take you on a tour of the school, before class starts!" She gave me an excited smile as I smiled back. Rose had the identicle sly smile on her face and it was cleared quickly when she saw I noticed it. "You're smiling because?" I asked suspiciously. "Oh nothing." she responded. "Can you guys help Derek and me make cookies for his sister with cancer?" I asked. "Definatley! That is so sad!" Rose explained. Emily almost got to lead the tour until we ran into the principal. Go to The School Tour Part 1
On the Bus Part 2

I looked around for a seat, and saw those twins who were nice to me earlier. I sat next to the talkative one. "HI AGAIN!! I'm Emily, do want to hear what I'm really good at?!??! Well, it's very interesting, VERY you know!! I hope..." "Calm down, Emily," the other twin said next to us, in another seat, since, you know, we do need more space then small first graders. She looked at me, and suddenly looked as if she knew something about me. That made her smile a little slyly for fraction of a second. She was reading a book, called A Dog's Life "Cool, I've read that book too! I love it!" I told her. She smiled "My name's Rose, I'm Emily's twin. Nonidenticle. I love this book so far!" "I'm Abigail, no twin, just a little brother," I said pointing to him, rushing to find a seat. Just then Derek walked by, looking a little sad, but much happier, I guess since I talked to him. Before I talked to him: Really sad, lots of tears. After I taked to him: A little happier, less tears, a tissue I got him from out of my bag. Rose watched him, then ponted to him with his back turned. "Derek, over there, is the only other kid in our grade beside you on this bus." "He was really sad this morning, so I asked him what was wrong, then he said his cat died, his hamster ran away, and his sister died from cancer." I explained. Rose looked very sympathetic. Rose was very kind, I decided right then. I also really like her twin sister, even though she talked excitably, faster than normal to cram all her words in, and just a LOT of words came out of her mouth. I was very surprised to see that right next to me she was reading a book quietly, titled The Romeo and Juliet Code . "How do you like that book so far?" I asked. "It reminds me of myslef, how the main character Flissy is British. I'm just half British though, Rose too." I stared at her in shock. She had a British and an American accent. "How.." "I stayed there for half a year," she explained. "So I can convert back and forth." Emily said, "I didn't but we're staying with our grandmother again in 2 years, maybe I'll pick it up." I smiled. "You guys are so lucky, I haven't been to Disney World." "Neither have we." Emily said, distracted in her book. "Have you read that book?" I asked Rose. She nodded. "It's called that because, well, you'll have to find out!" The bus went to school, and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I guess I looked pained, because Rose said, "Don't worry, Emily and I will make sure that you're ok. You are going to be in OUR class, along with Derek." she said. I smiled, and all 3 of us linked arms, then dropped them, maybe like a secret handshake. "Can you help me and Derek make cookies sometime? We're rasing money for his sister with cancer." I explained. They nodded vigorously. "I love baking." Rose said. I followed them to my classroom, but the principal stopped me before I could sit in my class's line. Go to The School Tour Part 1
The School Tour Part 1

The principal smiled, I liked how her glasses had little rhimestones on them. "This is Mrs. C, our principal," Emily smiled, and said "We call her Mrs. C since she insists." "So, how do you like this school?" Mrs. C asked. "It's wonderful. Very colorful." It's true. The school had artwork everywhere, pottery, paintings, and even foil masks things at the front of the school, made by the 5th graders. "I hope that your artwork will find a place up there. Enjoy our school, you won't be here for much longer. We have to go to middle school next year." Rose said sadly. I guess they have been there since kindergarten or something. We walked upstairs with the 4th and 5th graders, most chatting or bringing a donut from breakfast in a brown paper bag. I wanted to hide my face as soon as we got to the top. Our whole class was sitting right there, all watching me. I think they probably know it was me, Emily and Rose were assigned to be my guides. Derek was there too, looking at me with everyone else. I just have to tell you, I hate when all attention is on me. So I wouldn't be a great president, probably get too embarassed to even make a speech. Emily and Rose sat either side of me against Mrs. Ferring's assigned sitting walls to wait until the bell rang. I was so glad they did that, I didn't want to sit next to someone I didn't know. Emily and Rose smiled at each other, and pressed something into my palms. On the left side, I got a small pink and purple bag of jelly beans from Emily and from Rose I got a small stuffed keychain dog. The whole class went back to talking, some still looked at me the curiosity or suspcision. "Thank you so much," I whispered very quietly, I'm glad they had good hearing because the nodded and smiled. The scooted closer to me, and I was so glad all their attention was on me and the books they were reading. I opened up my own book Finding Danny by Linzi Glass. I loved how Bree was so focused on finding her dog. Sudddenly the bell rang and Mrs Ferring came out. She was pretty with green eyes and brown hair with light freckles. "5F, line up" she announced and everyone gathered their stuff and walked into the classroom. Rose and Emily walked on either side of me like they were my body guards. "You must be Abigail," she smiled. "Welcome to our class." As I walked in, the coat racks were directly to my right and the class library in front of me. People were unpacking, reading, talking and turning in homework. "I have arranged for you to sit between Rose and Emily for the rest of the year, as you may still have questions about our school. The class was arranged in groups of 4, but the class was an odd number, so Rose, Emily, and I would sit together. They smiled and said, "We're going to have so much fun!" at different times. Emily whispered, "I know I talk a lot, people tell me that, but they might be wrong, but I promise I won't talk during Teacher Time. That's Mrs. Ferring's time to teach. We might get in trouble, and I am a Trouble Avoider. Honestly. I hate getting in trouble, and I don't want to move away from you and Rose to another group. I must be the bestest friend I can be along with Rose. We always wanted another friend. But I will talk furing You Time so we can discuss all your questions and fun stuff!!!" she whispered. A little, she talks a LOT. But, she was a really sweet friend, and I liked everything about her and Rose too. "what's You Time?" I asked. "Our time to talk!" "5F, meet Abigail, our newest member of this class." All attention was drawn to me and Mrs. Ferring led me to the front of the room, up to the whiteboard. "So tell us a little about yourself Abigail." Go to Meeting the Class Part 1
Meeting the Class Part 1

As I was pushed towards the whiteboard, I suddenly really really wanted to go back to my seat and maybe be comforted by Rose and Emily. It's not fair that I have to do this, I bet these kids didn't do it on the first day. "Class, Abigail here is the newest member of our class, and you all simply must all the sign the welcome card and make her a card personally. She shall be very welcome in this class, wouldn't that be nice?" she looked at me and I nodded, making a smile that was very difficult to make. "She shall sit in between Rose and Emily the entire rest of the year as her guides for the school. If she asks ANY questions to anyone else, answer it appropriatley and correctly." she smiled and gestured for me to go back to my seat, all eyes following me curiously. I looked at my lap and didn't say another word. "Please take out your art supplies for your welcome card." Mrs. Ferring instructed. I liked my new teacher a lot, but I didn't like how I went up to the front of the class, and overwhelming "welcome cards". "Abigail, come with Emily and Rose to get your text books." she said smiling. We all followed her out of the class and into the hallway. A closet full of teacher supplies and text books were loaded into the huge space it contained. I got my reading, social studies, and math reference guides, while Emily and Rose got my workbooks and other text guides. We walked back to our desks, and I was so glad to have friends like them as them helped me fill me desk with learning supplies. "I thought you might like these," Rose smiled as she gave me 4 sharpened pencils that were sparkly and 3 that were just regular. "Look what we made you!" Emily cried as she thrust a poster into my hands. I realized it was desk sized and it was a pretty drawing with lots of shapes and colors that said "Welcome to our class Abigail! From Emily and Rose". I hugged them both and smiled. What better way to be welcomed into a class? "I personally didn't know if you liked cats, but here's a picture of a cat I printed." Emily whispered, giving me an adorable picture of a cat. "Thank you so much," I said gratefully. "I love cats, as well as seals, dogs, horses, ponies, kangaroos, and rabbits. And a lot of other animals!" We both giggled. "Hurry along girls, you two need to make her cards too." Mrs. Ferring smiled, looking over her glasses, also lined with rhimestones. "We already made you a card," Rose said, giving me another present. "But we'll make you another poster instead." Emily was just explaining this to Mrs. Ferring and explained their idea to her. "What a wonderful idea! I'm so glad you all get along so well!" Mrs. Ferring exclaimed. "She does like to make sure everyone is welcome," Rose said. Obviously, this was an OK them to talk. Must be You Time. "I remember when Nathan was new and he had guides and everything. Eventually, he asked not to have the anymore since he is totally used to this place now. Please don't tell me that you want to give us up as guides, then we probably won't sit together anymore." she sad sadly. "I will never do that, ever." I said firmly taking out my book. She smiled to herself and started making me a smaller poster, I loved how she was so awesome at drawing animals. I loved animals just as much, but was terrible at drawing them. She drew beautiful colored cats and gorgeous horses and such a pretty Collie dog she colored beautifully. Emily was drawing a pretty shetch of what looked like Big Ben and that big building next to it. "Here take this," she said when she was done. "I love it. You guys are such good artists!" I said. "Thank you." Emily said beaming. Rose finished coloring her drawing with some of her 1,000 colored pencils and handed it to me. It took my breath away and I couldn't even darg my eyes away from it. Rose bit her lip nervously. "I'm so sorry, I know I could've done so much better.." "No it's gorgeous Rose, you and Emily are the best artists EVER!" I said. Then people walked up to us and handed me they're welcome card. Go to Meeting the Class part 2
Meeting the Class Part 2

The class was pretty nice, I mean, not so nice that everyone brought me a cupcake, but I did like just a tiny bit how everyone gave me a card. Mrs, Ferring was discussing with some students that everyone should say "Hi, I'm _________, welcome to our class!" when they gave me the card. Mrs. Ferring, I just have to say, is waaaaaaaaay too, well into new making new students feel welcome. I didn't know until today there was a thing called being too welcome, and I definatley felt it. "Hi I'm Miranda, welcome to our class." She smiled at me and walked away. Miranda had brown hair and blue eyes and was wearing a shirt that I had as well. Inside her card she didn't color the background, but made cute little drawings of hearts and stars, and stuff like that. She even drew a very accurate picture of herself, even though it was very small. "Is everyone so great at art around here?" I asked Emily. "Some people are great, and some not. It's just that, at Wolf's Lake Elementary School, no one is average, well at least not that I know of." she explained. I got a card from Rachel, and her card had colorful pom poms and happy looking cheerleaders all over, now I think I understand her hobby. Evan's card had just colors and swirls, and Leonard drew race cars all over. I guess this class really loves hobbies. Derek's card was colorful and abstract, and there wasn't anything on it. He was awesome at arranging colors and knowing which color goes where. Personally, I think he's a great artist, along with Emily and Rose. He could be a pretty good room designer, like on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition . Or he could be a great fashion designer, but I guess that was too girly, for most boys anyway, even though there are male fashion designers. All the other cards I got were abstract, or representing their hobbies somehow. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly until that who to sit by scenario at lunch. I never really liked sitting by people I didn't really meet or get to know before now. So I decided I would either sit with Derek, or with my two best friends. Go to Abigail's Story Part 2 gray link. Take either Luchtime Part 1 to sit with Emily and Rose or take Lunch Time Part 2 to sit with Derek.

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